Voice and text roaming in Chile with a (legacy) prepaid account

  • 17 September 2020
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Hi, I have a legacy prepaid account and I'd like to receive calls and mostly SMS when I travel to Chile. It used to be possible to connect to a local carrier (Movistar) but now I get an error message saying that the “SIM card does not allow a connection to this network”. I've read in other posts that roaming for prepaid has to be "enabled”. I've called customer service to request enabling roaming for my prepaid number but the agents don't seem to know what I'm talking about. How can I reach a knowledgeable T-mobile agent that can help me? 

2 replies


I just found the thread below, which seems to be the same problem I'm facing but in Singapore. I'd like to know if T-mobile's agreement with Movistar (or any Chilean carrier) supports pre-paid plans. Any clues?

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Prepaid roaming is problematic, at best. I would assume that nothing is guaranteed. If it works at all it’s $4.19/min.