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  • 14 July 2016
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I just switched to Linelink as I wanted any kind of escape from the money-grubbers at Comcast. I looked at Vonage as well, and although the LineLink product as yet lacks a lot of the "bells and whistles" that Vonage and others have, I am hoping that this is because it is a new service and they hurried it out the door. I have no problem with this as long as they show up eventually.


For my part I have gone from paying $25 to Comcast to $10 a month to T-Mobile; there is a reduction from $20 to $10 if you have a T-Mobile account. There was also a $20 activation fee, but if I stay with the service that will be irrelevant.


I set up the voice mail according to prompts and in general it seems to be functional. The blinking blue light on the VOIP gadget tells you there is voice mail, but there is also a slightly different dial tone when you first pick up the phone, which gives tells you there is voice mail. This is also how Comcast does it.


[edit] I also think the delay from when you dial "1-2-3" to when you get connected to voicemail is rather long - it is long enough that you might think it's not working and hang up.


The two questions I have on the voicemail are:

  1. During setup, you can enter a "pager number" which will be alerted when you get voicemail. I tried putting my cell number in the hope that it would send me a text, but it does not - is it really set up for a pager
  2. You are prompted to set a PIN for access to the voicemail, but there is an option to not require it if retrieving voicemail from the phone itself. This implies you still need the PIN if retrieving the voicemail from elsewhere, but I cannot find any information on how to do that.


Looking forward to the following being added:

  • email alerts of voicemail, preferably with voice to text translation and sound file attachments
  • call screening
  • call blocking
  • full/enhanced caller ID

6 replies

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Good info and I feel ya on Comcast.  My dreaded scenario is Comcast actually ends up buying TMO...please God, no. 😀 Did you pick up LineLink at your local TMO store?

Anyway, hopefully TMO is reading these and noticing the request for some enhancements to this product/service.  The voicemail I have for @home works pretty easily as my phone does have a blinking light and it also does the "stutter step" sound when you first hit "Talk" for the dial tone.

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Hello there @gfbhwo and thanks for using our forum! 😊

I'm excited to see you're taking advantage of our Linelink service. We do read these forums and we're always open to suggestions on making your services better. So, thanks for choosing our forum to voice your thoughts, and we appreciate the suggestions. I'll make sure to pass this feedback along.

In regards to your first question, have you tried going back into the voicemail options after the initial setup and re-enter your number for the pager notifications?

When calling the voicemail from an alternate line, the PIN is normally the last 4 digits of the phone number. In this case, you'd use the last 4 of the Linelink number. The voicemail number is 1-805-637-7243. Keep in mind, if you call this number from a T-Mobile cell phone, it'll route you to that cell phone's voicemail box.

I set a PIN as part of setup.

So how do I check voicemail on  the linelink number from my T-Mobile cell phone if calling from it always takes me to the cell phone voicemail?

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Okay, so here's what I found out. The Pager notification option is really for pagers, not phones. This would explain why it wasn't working after you set it up. That option was made for earlier technology so my apologies for the confusion.

As for using your cell to call your Linelink's voicemail, you should be able to use the steps below:

  • Call the Linkelink number.
  • Wait for until you're sent to the voicemail.
  • Press the Star ( * ) key to interrupt the greeting.
  • After the prompt, enter the voicemail password.

Thanks, I actually got the same answer about retrieving the voicemail from support.

The pager notification begs the question as to when this will be updated. It would be useful to be notified of email when away from home, either via text message or email - are you listening T-Mobile?

I discovered that my handsets can detect voicemail and display on the phone that it is a message.

I also discovered there is a very short timeout on dialing out. If I first get a dial tone, then punch in a 3-digit are code and pause for a few seconds, the phone starts giving me a busy signal. If I punch in the entire number and then hit the talk button it works fine. Weird.

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Sweet! I just wanted to make sure those steps worked for you. That short timeout is an interesting find. I didn't know it would behave like this, but I can share this feedback.

@gfbhwo‌ wrote: The pager notification begs the question as to when this will be updated. It would be useful to be notified of email when away from home, either via text message or email - are you listening T-Mobile?

That's a big 10-4 my friend, we hear ya loud and clear. This is a good idea, and I'll pass this along as well. 😊