VoLTE not available on OnePlus 6T A6013

  • 27 July 2020
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I have tried many things to enable VoLTE on my unlocked (but T-Mobile branded) OnePlus 6T, including:

I have confirmed that I do not see a VoLTE icon at any time and that my signal drops from LTE to 3G when making or receiving a call. I do have WiFi Calling enabled, however, if that narrows down the problem.

While searching for a solution to this, I did see a post ( that suggests a new SIM might be the solution. I have had other phones prior to the 6T and never noticed VoLTE, and my SIM is from 2014.


Are there any other suggestions? Thanks.

2 replies


You need to figure out how to get CS to re-provision your phone.

Sometimes, doing a Settings->Reset->Reset_Network_and_Bluetooth_Settings will trigger this, along with triggering an APN re-query.

If not, you have to get to a rep that understands how to re-provision, they should be able to force this through, without an issue, particularly given that your 6T is TMo-branded (should work on almost any 6T model, really).  The agent you spoke to probably doesn’t understand much about provisioning (or VoLTE), unfortunately...


Hi pgrey, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, a network reset did not resolve the problem, and other than going to APN settings, I could not find a way to “re-query”. However, with that specific information, I will try to reach out to customer service again and ask for a re-provision.