VPN issues

  • 9 January 2021
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All devices and home network are good. Signal strength is 2 bars (weak, but functional).  Spouse needs to set up VPN to work from home, but even IT from the office could not get VPN to work via T-Mobile Home Internet.  VPN worked just fine on the same computer using cable network. 

6 replies

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Seems to be a recurring theme.


I’m having the same issue here. 

Using my old internet connection, I have no issues. The moment I switch over to T-Mobile Home Internet, I can’t login to the VPN.

Any ideas?

I’m having the same issue.  If I can’t get it resolved, I’m going to have to cancel my service and go back to Spectrum.

I read somewhere that turning off IPV6 could solve the issue. Having said that, configuring IPv6 is not an option on the router settings. Not from the app. Not from the router’s webpage. 

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It's a possibility.  I know that I didn't have issues with my work Vpn when I tested it out about a year ago.   That being said, I know that at some places with wifi, I had issues with a different vpn service (city library + different employer)

If you have the new Nokia 5G gateway there are many corporate level VPN’s like PaloAlto Networks GlobalProtect that do NOT work.  Many reports of this and hopefully T-Mobile responds quickly to fix.  These same VPN’s DO work on the white Askey gateway and on the Franklin hotspot.


T-Mobile PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE address this as a priority and roll-out an update ASAP.   Thank you.