Was not able to receive calls or make calls for over 2 weeks!

  • 17 September 2020
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About a month ago I was not able to receive or make calls in my surrounding area even though I've been with tmobile for over a year now. So I went to a tmobile store, they said cause tmobile just bought sprint and they were working on the towers that random customers were experiencing that issue. So I waited, hoping when they were done the issue would resolve. 2 and 1/2 weeks later I was told to call customer service. So I did, they told me my phone was no longer compatible with the network and I needed to get a new phone. My question is; Is this tmobiles way of weaseling money out of their customers? I told the customer service rep I wanted credit for the time I was unable to make or receive calls and the fact that I was basically force into getting a new phone. He applied a 20 dollar credit to my account...oh boy really makes up for the fact I had to spend over 80 dollars that day and now my monthly bill has gone up because of a new device payment. I hate my new phone, it seems like everything loads slower and I have less storage. I'm extremely disappointed with tmobile right now. 

2 replies

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Assuming you have the same phone, since you used it for a year, did anything change? on the phone?


were you able to try and see if you do a network reset? usually phones has that, resets the wifi, bluetooth and any network settings back to default, including how it connects to tmobile.


check your apn is set to default.


did you check the sim card on another phone? during the “outage” see if it worked correctly on that one?


Sprint merging with tmobile should have had nothing to do with you, since you were already and assuming, that you are using a tmobile phone.


if you are NOT using a tmobile phone, but you were using something else, then maybe it just needed to be defaulted, etc like i mentioned before.


getting a new phone was not needed. but you had the option to check it out, on how it runs if it felt slow to you. you were honestly not forced to buy anything. suggestions or being at a store that looks fancy with nice newer stuff does not represent you going out of your way to complain about it on here with a solution you could have controlled, on about feeling ripped off on this particular situation.


It seems new, exchange it with something you like, pay the difference. or return it, if tmobile allows you to. assuming the phone is left like new as you bought it :]


good luck :]

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You didn’t tell us what phone you were running or where this all happened.