WEA-3 compatible phone and get WEA/Emergency Alert for out of the local area

  • 21 February 2021
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I get Amber Alerts for Spokane, WA 270 miles away.  WHY? I thought my LG Velvet 5G was WEA-3 compatible.  

It’s my undestanding that Amber Alerts are distributed within a 100 mile /160 km radius from the global positioning coordinates, town, or city where the child was last seen

I correctly received the Emergency Alerts when there was an emminent riot in Bellevue, WA.

WEA 2.0 supports all alert types, plus state or local test messages initiated by state and local emergency managers to test the WEA system to members of the public. Wireless Emergency Alerts 3.0 WEA 3.0 provides enhanced geographic targeting, so you’ll only get an alert if you’re in an impacted area specified by the emergency alert originator.

T-Mobile’s list for WEA compatibility appears to be out of date.  AT&T lists the LG Velvet 5G as WEA-3 compatible.

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