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  • 29 March 2022
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I have t-mobile internet for less than a month but since first setting up I have always had weak signal. Download speed is between 15- 45 mbps and upload is less than 5 mbps. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve. I have the Nokia router.  Thanks,

7 replies

I have the exact same issue. However in my case, Support says that they are working on the tower. I drive by all towers, there is no work being physically done. I am about to tell T-mobile to end my relationship for this service is no better than what I was getting! So much for 4/5g...hahaha!

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If you make a connection with a browser to to the gateway and can post the actual values of the Internet Connection for the primary and secondary signals from the “Overview” page and then the  “Cellular Network” information from the Status page that will provide a clearer picture of how weak the signals are and if there appear to be actions that can be tried to improve the signals. Also, please post a description of the location where the router is located. Is it in a window or what is the environment like where it is? If it is in a window or near one are the screens metal or nylon? 

Other questions would need answers possibly but the data about the cellular signals is the best place to start. You can copy and paste text from the browser window or take screen clips of the data and post it into the conversation. 


Thank you for responding. I logged on, my primary numbers are RSRP -108 dBm, SNR 14 dB, RSRQ -13 dB, RSSI - 76 dBm. My secondary numbers are -112, SNR 12 dB and RSRQ is -11.  The router is in front of home next to a window 6 feet off the floor. The screens are nylon. Our home faces northwest. I went on T-Mobile website and it shows we are in the 5g Ultra area. I tried numerous positions in the house with no improvement in signal.  Thanks

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Pretty obvious from the screen clip that both signals are weak. (2 bars) Either the equipment power levels are not that strong or your location is out on the edge it seems.

Secondary Signal:

RSRP = -112 dBm ← (Weak) Your router appears to be out on the edge. 

SNR = 12 dB ← (Medium) 

RSRQ = -11dB ← (Weak) Even the quality of the signal is not stellar.

The metrics do confirm the signal for both primary and secondary are weak. If the location is within the UC area that just implies the n41 band but if your location is not close enough the speeds would suffer. Even the primary LTE signal is weak. It appears the towers are a bit of a reach. If you post the  “Cellular Network” information from the Status page we might be able to determine the actual location for the towers. You can use and the PCI values for the primary and secondary signals and then find the towers. is pretty good for finding the towers. You can filter with 4G LTE and 5G NR search and with the PCI find it. Really, T-Mobile support should be able to provide you the actual location of the tower via the PCI information. They should be able to see the router lock on the specific tower and be able to provide you with the location so you can look it up on a map and see the distance to the tower. With the SIM card IMEI number that information is in the system. 

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You may want to edit that picture.


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Sometimes it helps to see a comparison. We only have the n71 channel but that does pretty good given we are 5.3 miles from the tower. From the information you have posted where both signals are on the weak side,  is probably due to distance from/to the tower. The RSRQ on the secondary channel you have is at the lower end of good. The quality of the 5G signal seems to be suffering probably due to the distance of travel. The signal to noise ratio your router has in the medium range is not terrible but if it were cleaner the performance would be improved. With the tower location known better expectations could be established for actual delivery. The coverage area maps may be a bit overly optimistic to encourage subscribers. 

When they are working on the tower equipment it is just as likely they are making configuration changes in the switching equipment vs. the antennas. Some of the changes can probably be done remote too. 

My connection metrics just for reference:

Primary Signal ← the 4G LTE signal (B2) [reports 3 bars in graphical display]


RSRP -95 dBm ← Not great but sufficient for 4G LTE

SNR 19 dB ← Not in the excellent range but at the top of the good range so positive.

RSRQ -8 dB ← in the excellent range so a good quality signal

RSSI -65 dBm

Secondary Signal ← the 5G NR signal (n71) [reports 4 in graphical display]


RSRP -80 dBm ← At the excellent

SNR 19 dB ← Not in the excellent range but at the top of the good range so positive.

RSRQ -11 dB ← in the good range so a fairly reasonable quality signal

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