What frequency is the new tower in Tres Piedras, NM?

I am looking to purchase a cell booster for use near the new tower in Tres Piedras, NM and need to know what the frequency is. The map show coverage of 4G LTE but I cannot receive signal anywhere around my home.


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Okay, so we know that the signal in your home area is not the best but that is the reason we sent you the cellspot. This device takes your home internet and converts it to a usable T-Mobile cell signal. If your phone shows that you have signal and 4G and everything is working except calls, there is an issue with the physical cellspot device. Here on a user forum, we the community manager team do not have access to the tools our traditional customer care teams have that allow them to diagnose and view the reports your cellspot is transmitting. It is possible that the cellspot itself is defective and would need to be replaced. I know you have spent a lot of time working on this issue with both our over the phone care team and T-Force team but at this point the only option for a resolution is going to be contacting us again so we can properly troubleshoot the cellspot device instead of the know low coverage at your home location.

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I don't know why my reply to this thread hasn't shown up.

I don't know the frequency but you may be able to find out yourself. What phone do you have?

Thanks for replying, its an LG G6

I don't know too much about LG phones. Samsung phones have a way to lock them in a particular band. You might try loading an app called LTE Discovery and see if it will tell you the bands of the signals it sees. On some phones it does, on other's it doesn't. It depends on the phone's modem chip and the API.

Ok, thank you!

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Hey @guthery‌!  How's everything going?  Were you able to use @drnewcomb2‌'s suggestion to figure this out? 

- Marissa

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Just download and use a app called LTE discovery. It will provide the information that you need. Also if you want to enter the service mode just enter "277634#*#" that on your phone dialer keypad without the quotes. Although i can't confime if thats the right code since i don't own a g6. Which is why i recommend just using LTE discovery.

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HI there @guthery​!  I just wanted to stop by and see if you'd been able to use the suggested methods here to determine whether or not that booster would suit your needs!

- Marissa

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Happy Thursday, @guthery​. We just wanted to touch base with you and make sure you'd been able to find out the frequency in your area and get a coverage solution sent if needed! Hope everything's going well. 😊

- Marissa

Hi Marissa, I bought a 4G booster, but am still not able to get signal even

though I am right in the middle of the service area according to the

T-Mobil map. Would it be possible for T-Mobil to increase the signal at

their new tower in Tres Piedras? I am 15 miles lines of sight from the

tower, and I even placed my antenna on my own 80 ft tower.

Thanks, Dean

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T-mobile can not just increase the strength of the signal. They have regulations that they must follow so that their transmission doesn't interfere with other carriers or emergency services. You should use wifi calling when at your home if feasible or just call in and let them know that the issue is there. This way the engineers can think of a way to resolve the issue.

Hi Dragon, I suppose it would depend on if their current signal is set to

the maximum allowable settings. I know Viaero has both increased and

decreased there signal multiple times in the last three and 1/2 years that

I have been monitoring them. I have notified T-Mobil and plan to do so

again. WiFi through Dish does not work well, so I may need to try Direct

TV's WiFi in order to use at home.

Sorry to get back so late on this, I've been off-the-grid for a few days. "Service Mode" on some phones allows you to look directly at the phone's signal data: band, mode, signal strength, etc. How (or if) you can get into it varies from phone to phone. I don't know all the codes for the different models of phones. I know on my Samsung phone I can enter a code to get into a menu that allows me to lock the phone into a particular band and mode.

As for "turning up the power", it would not be difficult to do in rural areas, however it might not accomplish much. The problem is not normally the part of the connection from the tower to the phone, rather it's the reverse (up) link, from the phone to the tower. You need both halves for a connection. Phones these days are very low power and have no provisions for external antennas.

Thanks for the reply drnewcomb2, I bought a 65 db booster that will boost

T-Mobil's signals, and an 11 db yagi antenna on a 80 ft tower, but I can

only obtain a -105 db signal when pointed directly at the T-Mobil tower

which is not a good signal so a cell phone cannot connect at that low

strength. The signal needs to be in the -80's or under to receive a decent

voice signal. I am not aware of any towers within range of the T-Mobil

tower that be affected by an increase in T-Mobil's signal from Tres

Piedras. I just spent $1640.00 in phones, G pads etc. and would hate to

have to return everything. It seems odd to me that T-Mobil's signal only

reaches 12 miles line of sight at best, and is weak at that point.

That area does not have 700 MHz (band-12), so range is limited to what they can get from mid-band (AWS & PCS) signals. The allowed power level for mid-band is lower than for 700 MHz. Now, in NM there's not a lot of issues with humidity and foliage getting in the way, so you should get line-of-sight to the tower but if the antenna panels are angled downward (like T-Mobile normally does) you could be getting signal cut-off from the antenna.  If you can ID the tower and see the flashing light at night, then antenna aim might help. But I've been up on top of a mountain and looked down clearly on at least three T-Mobile towers but not been able to use the phone. That's the effect of antenna pattern aim.

Good point on the antenna panel downward angle, that may be the reason for

lack of distance. If that is the case, it should be doable to adjust the NW

panel upward to achieve the desired distance, since there are no other

services to inhibit signal in that direction. But I am sure their engineers

will know what they can and cannot do. I plan to drive out so I can call

them today.

Tech support is sending a unit that plugs into WiFi and emits a cell

signal. It sounds like this may be the answer, they only require a deposit

which is refunded once the unit is returned. Turns out that there is

another tower 3-3/4 miles from me, but my location is below the signal it

emits. So if the WiFi/cell unit works out, then I will be happy.

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This sounds promising -- please keep us posted!

- Marissa

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Hey, @guthery !

You're only a couple hours north of where I'm at (ABQ)! The Tres Piedras area has the L1900 band which is compatible with your LG G6. You should be picking up LTE. How far do you have to travel to pick-up LTE? Prior to using the G6, were you able to get LTE at home? If so, what type of phone were you using? One other thing to note is that a new tower is going to be added near Hwy 285 & 64.

I have to drive about 7 miles to pick up LTE, and I am only 3.5 miles from

the tower on San Antonio Mountain and 15 miles from the new tower at Hwy

285 & 64 which was put in last year. Prior to switching to T-mobile we

were using Android phones and were getting signal from the Viaero tower 14

miles to the north.

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@guthery​, I just wanted to check in with you and see if you'd received the wifi cellspot device, and if it's improved your in-home coverage. How is everything going?

- Marissa

Hi Marissa, Yes we received the cellspot yesterday. We are now able to

text some of the time, but are not able to make or receive calls. All the

lights are solid green on the unit with the exception of 4G/LTE light which

flashes green part of the time, and is solid green the rest of the time.

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Ouch, that's not the solution we were hoping for when a more consistent calling experience is the entire reason for the router! I know it's been a few days since your post; have you given any troubleshooting a shot at this point? What type of signal do your devices show, and do you seem to have a data connection on your devices?

- Marissa

All phones indicate 4G, and everything seems to work except calls.

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Thanks for clarifying! I think there might be an issue with cellspot itself if you are not able to make calls but show signal on the device. I know that it's a pain to have to keep driving out to where you can get signal just to call us 😥 We will need to take a look at the reports your cellspot is sending back to us to be able to determine what the specific problem is. I would recommend that you reach out to our social media team T-Force using the Facebook or Twitter icons in my signature as they will be able to correspond with you through direct/private message and have full access to your account.

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Hey @guthery​,

Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you get a chance to reach out to our T-Force team?