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  • 4 May 2022
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My plan includes unlimited data (and messaging) out of the country. I called T-Mobile to ask a couple of questions about using the phone while out of the country, and the Tech Support agent told me not to make WhatsApp (or Facetime) calls because they count as calls and are charged at the rate of $0.25/min. I argues that WhatsApp calls consume data, not voice minutes, but he still said I will be charged if I make WhatsApp calls if not connected to wifi. Is he right?

8 replies

I was just told the same thing. I don’t get how that makes sense. 

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I don’t get it either. One note is that the regular international data roaming is too slow for video calls. Should work for voice and messages. I don’t use Facetime or WhatsApp but I have used Viber and Google Voice and not been billed for it.

I went into a store today today to ask and the rep told me that FT doesn’t count as a “call”. That said, she asked if Europe was a country so I’m not sure if I should take her word for it. 


I called again and this time the person said they don’t count as calls, which makes sense, I think I’m going to get a data pass anyway, which includes calls at no extra cost (including calls to the US and in the local country)

If I turn off data and make a wifi Whatsapp call  from Europe will T-mobile charge me for it?

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if you have data turned off and are using wifi then you should be fine.

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I’d agree with @fireguy_6364 .  

You can, in theory use WiFi calling overseas and not have bills for it (might also depend on plan).

If you were in Canada/Mexico, then its probably not an issue.

I just had the same exact discussion with a phone tech. It is my understanding that a WhatsApp call uses data (whether you’re on WIFI or cellular). Therefore, WhatsApp calls should not be billed as international cellular calls.  The tech kept insisting otherwise. I just gave up on him and decided to call later to speak with a different tech.