when will extended range lte come to Phoenix AZ?

  • 27 January 2016
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My reception at home and at work are very poor.  When will Extended range LTE be available in Phoenix AZ?

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52 replies

Phoenix is currently blocked for 700 MHz due to the TV channel 51 exclusion area of KPPX-TV. T-Mobile will have to negotiate to operate concurrently with channel 51 or pay the station to move off channel 51. They've done this in some large markets (e.g. L.A., NYC, SF Bay, etc). One can assume that they've been in contact with the station's management but as for when: that we won't know until something's announced.

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Oh @jesully01 I know that's rough having poor receptions, especially at home. We don't have any word as to if/when Band 12 will extend out that direction. Based on our coverage map, you should be getting some signal in Phoenix. I would suggest checking out our Can't get signal page. It has some common steps you can take to help the phone get the best connection possible at your home.

If I am outside my building at work I have 4 bars.  When I go back inside I get intermittent connection.  At home I have areas right around my house that I loose signal and then inside I have to use the wifi or I drop calls constantly.  The can't get a signal page doesn't help.  Since I bought the LG V10 my signal is better but not good.  I am hoping the extended range LTE that T-mobile is so proud of will fix it but if they aren't getting that in my area I would like to know.

From the website (while not official T-Mobile) that watches all T-Mobile's 700 A Block Spectrum (Band 12) with maps just posted this for January 2016;


Map of T-Mobile's 700 MHz spectrum - Spectrum Gateway

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That's understandable. We just don't have a definitive answer about the extended range LTE as of right now. If the coverage is better outdoors and the problem mostly happens when you're inside, we'd have to look at using indoor coverage devices (such as Wi-Fi) as a workaround, at least for right now.

How about now?  Any new updates on this yet?  I know the service interruptions I have would be fixed by the lower frequency carrier signal so I would like to see that so my call quality is better.  I have also seen that tmobile bought the rights to the 700 Mhz range but waiting on approval.  I have tried all the fixes to call reception/quality, I have even tried 3 different phones.  Before I spend any more money on t mobile I would like to know when we will be getting the extended range LTE.

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I checked on this and I'm seeing LTE is coming soon. I don't have an exact date, but right now it appears to be on the way. Thanks for sticking with us this whole time. I'm sure that LTE will make a world of difference for you.

Any updates yet?  I really don't want to change carriers, I like my pricing but with poor reception I feel like I am wasting my money.

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I hear ya. I don't have any official timeline for the Phoenix market right now. With Phoenix being a major city, it looks promising to have Band 12 as soon as possible.

"A protected TV channel 51 station. 700 MHz A block spectrum cannot be used inside the green circle. On 1/27/2016 KPPX-TV filed to relocate to channel 31. The relocation was approved by the FCC on 6/28/2016. Spectrum Gateway expects the relocation to be complete by the end of the year."

KPPX's relocation to channel 31 was only approved a week ago. Don't look for anything to happen quickly. If KPPX relocates by EOY. Then T-Mobile may turn on 700 MHz by this time next year.

If this is something you find intolerable, and unless you are on some special grandfathered plan or travel overseas frequently, you might want to consider getting T-Mobile to unlock your phone and looking into an AT&T-based MVNO.

P.S. I'll add that CellMapper dot net shows one band-12 site in Phoenix. First seen in May. T-Mobile may be starting deployment under some interim agreement. OTOH, the sighting may be bogus. Not too many people using CellMapper in Phoenix.

Thanks for the info I couldn't even find that the relocation had been approved.  2 months ago the reply here was it would be soon.  If it is a year away then yeah I think it is time to change and then look at coming back in a year.

I find it very difficult to find much of anything on the FCC's website. There's such a bewildering number of forms and applications that I can never locate what I'm looking for. I have to take other people's word for the current status.

What phone are you using and do you have any payments left on it? Is it locked or unlocked?

I switched to iphone hoping it would be better reception but it is worse. I only got that 4 months ago.  I would most likely do the jump and buy as cheap a phone as I could and then pay that off.  Lots of specials available for ATT since I have direct tv and a 20% discount for being a Honeywell employee.

This is the site that while not official has pretty up to date Band 12 info;


Just for FYI and of course this doesn't mean Phoenix will be the same but

it was only about a month or so after our channel 51 in Atlanta was

approved that Band 12 started popping up even though it was a few months

after that before it was announced as official live so there would be some

band 12 gaps at first but was still pretty consistently available just no

guarantees until officially announced.

Well, the current iPhones (6s) works well on almost any carrier, once it's unlocked. I generally advise people to get a phone that has broad utility (like the iPhone 6s or Nexus 5x or 6P) and then get out of the phone squirrel-cage, where you get a new locked phone every time you want to change carriers. With an unlocked 6s you can go to any of the big-4 carriers and get it activated. Are you making payments on your iPhone? What plan are you on? (e.g. Jump! On Demand)?

Everyone I know with an iPhone and if you look at the most complaints about signal it seems to be the iPhone. I have a friend down the road that has a 6s and at his house standing right next to him with my Galaxy S7 edge I get a stronger signal so in my opinion that says its the phone.

If you read enough complaints about coverage, you'll definitely get the impression that the iPhones are not the greatest choice for having the best coverage in fringe areas but I don't think changing phones (yet again) will help @jesully01‌ with his problem. 

So I saw the 700Mhz should be open now as channel 51 moved on October 7th.  I  don't see that T mobile has opened band 12 yet, or if they have I am very disappointed in what it has done for signal strength.  Is there any news as to when that will be done now? Also the hype about the LG V20 will have band 66 when would that be available in Phoenix?

Anything... anything at all?

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Just checked our map and I do see LTE is on it's way. I don't have a rock-solid date yet, but I'm seeing that Band 12 is coming. However, I don't have any word about Band 66, but I'll keep my eye out for it. Thanks for checking in @jesully01.

Not that Phoenix will be the same but in Atlanta it was about a month and a half after channel 51 moved that Band 12 started intermittently showing up.  But it was quite a few months before 1) Coverage with it was consistent as I assume they were still testing and converting towers. 2) before T-Mobile announced it as available since they won’t make it official until it is completely tested, certified and a city is “fully” operational on it.

OK thanks.  That seems a better answer than soon, which I have heard for over a year which could mean another year as far as I could tell.

Just note you generally will never see full bars on Band 12 since it is a secondary channel and only 5x5 MHz wide and for the most part is to improve indoor coverage and "fill in the gaps".  If you are getting a really strong Band 12 signal 9 times out of 10 you will have Band 4 (2 in a few markets) signal so it will roll to that since in most big city markets those bands are 15x15 or 20x20 and can handle significantly more bandwidth.

If you have a Samsung phone you can dial *#0011# and it will show you what band you are getting and how wide it is.

Yes that is exactly my issue, service area gaps in buildings.  I receive only intermittent signal while at work at best. Usually no signal at all.  When I leave work I usually get the days text messages and voice mail all at once when I leave.  I have missed important calls from family and my kids school because of this. Today marks 3 weeks since that frequency range became available so I am hoping it will go live before the end of year.  Sounds like that isn't likely though.

If it goes as here probably in a month you might see it randomly start

popping up.

That's how I found out, I moved right when the FCC approved and the channel

moved. At my new place the neighborhood is in a bit of a bowl surrounded by

trees so even though there is a tower about a 1/2 mile I like you had very

intermittent service at my new place, then noticed about a month later I

did and discovered it was band 12. It would disappear every now and again

for about 2 months then it stayed on.