when will extended range lte come to Phoenix AZ?

My reception at home and at work are very poor.  When will Extended range LTE be available in Phoenix AZ?

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Also the to answer about other phones and what they have for signal.  From my work group I am the last still using T Mobile 2 other had it but switched to AT&T.

I had an Iphone and yes it was worse.  I currently have a galaxy s7e, would have upgraded to an 8 but didn't want a more expensive phone that sits on my desk with no signal.  From what I can tell, so far no phones have 600 Mhz so even if the new tower has 600 Mhz which they are not even sure if it has 700, It wouldn't help me much. 

You won't see band 12 if your phone is finding LTE on Band 4 (or band 2 in a few markets).  Band 4 (or 2) is TMO's primary channel and in most markets is either 20 Mhz x 20 Mhz or at a minimum 10 x 10 whereas Band 12 is only 5x5 which is why TMO just spent $8 billion buying Band 71 (600Mhz) in every market because they knew the Band 12 while definitely an improvement was more of a short term solution to improve indoor coverage.  That's why the phones will default to Band 4 first because it can handle significantly more traffic so they want to keep band 12 for those who can't reach Band 4.  Now obviously you can't reach it indoors either where you should but even Band 12 will have issues with buildings at longer distances or if they are made out of certain materials.

My other question would be and maybe you mentioned it already but what type of phone are you using?  Do you know anyone with TMO there that has a different phone?  While this is purely anecdotal but has happened quite a few times and with a couple different of my friends but they will be standing right next to me with their iPhone and me with my Samsung Galaxy S8 ( same when I had my S7e) and they won't have signal yet I will.  IMHO I still think the iPhones have weaker antenna's.

Yes the Honeywell site is large, There are actually 8 buildings.  I am in a building to that is second from North, farthest West so a 4 story building to the East will prevent that tower from really helping me I would guess, When I am outside the building I get 3 to 4 bars signal.  I used the scanner on the phone to search for band 12 and it doesn't show outside the building.  Sounds to me like band 12 just won't help me at work, at least for the foreseeable future.

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Thanks for clarifying! I know that the Honeywell building is a pretty large building and the current LTE 700A we have in the area may not be strong enough to reach certain areas of that building. I can only assume that the new LTE tower that will be going up closer to the building is meant to to bridge some of those gaps.

I have pretty descent service everywhere except at work.  I get no service at all, not even intermittent at my desk.  It has more than once cause me to miss important calls.  Obviously that means no text either.  Apparently AT&T and Verizon have great service in the building.  I don't know about sprint though.

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I apologize for the confusion. We do have band 12 in the area but it is stronger to the north of the Honeywell building where the 2 LTE 700A are located. The new tower to the North East is closer to the Honeywell building but I do know if that one will be LTE 700A compatible as of yet. Is the Honeywell building the only area that you are unable to get LTE 700A?

So why does it not show band 12 available while at Honeywell?  You say 2 towers are compatible, that doesn't mean active.  Are they active for band 12?  Assuming they are as there isn't band 12 support in the area when will they be?

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So looking at the area, I can see that we have 6 towers in the 4 square mile radius of Honeywell and a 7th planned soon (no eta). Two of the tower to the north of Honeywell are LTE 700 compatible and the new tower to the North East, (not live yet) does say that it will be LTE but I cannot see if it will also be LTE 700 at this time.

So last I checked the cell tower near Honeywell in Tempe wasn't capable of the band 12 signal.  Has there been a plan to update this tower?  Honeywell in Tempe has many people that work there and seems a smart step to get band 12 working there so their employees can use there phones at work.

Worth considering.  No wireless availability at work for me.  If I had that I could deal with the lack of service.

Jump! On Demand has an interesting feature called "Lifetime Coverage Guarantee". You can invoke the guarantee and they will unlock your phone so you can use it on any carrier. You can then port out that line to another carrier and continue to make just the monthly JOD payments. You could port one line out to, say, Cricket and come back if an when they fix the coverage issue. I can't say if this would break your family plan or not but it's one thing to consider. AFAIK, the regular JUMP! or EIP plans don't have the coverage guarantee.

I take it the school does not have WiFi?

We have a family plan so we have a couple jump on demand and a couple jump and a couple standard EIP.

This is a community forum. I'm just a customer, like you and don't have any inside information. T-Mobile doesn't normally disclose schedules in case they have to be changed.

Does the school have WiFi?

I'm not a big believer in waiting for a carrier to fix problems. Do you own the phone or are you tied to T-Mobile with an EIP? If so, which EIP are you on?

OK so that tells me what I already know.  There is no band 12 near me.  When can I expect it? I am litterally paying T-mobile so my phone can say (Searching) in the top corner

Two techniques I use are:

1. Look on CellMapper.net and restrict the display to just band 12. (You have to know that T-Mobile is Country= 310, Carrier=260)

2. Look on T-Mobile's coverage maps and tell it that you are using a non-band-12 device. This will offer you two maps, one with band-12, the other without. If there's a difference, You're in an area covered by band-12. (This doesn't really work in urban areas.)

T-Mobile should be working on upgrading that area but sometimes even just changing antennas on towers gets hung up in zoning boards.

How can I identify when my local towers will have band 12?  I am really getting tired of having to leave the building at work to go get a signal outside, missing important calls and texts.  The lower cost of T-Mobile isn't worth it if it doesn't work, lower cost but no service is overpaying for that service.  I want to know when I can expect to start getting a signal that I pay for but don't get.

How high is the hill to the NE of the school? (Moon Mountain?) There are four band-4 towers within about 2 miles of the school but one is to the NE of the hill. CellMapper.net shows a strong signal on Thunderbird Road but a poor signal up at Desert Shadows Condo. Sensorly shows something similar.

What you're describing sometimes happens with band 2 & 4 when the engineers have tried to optimize the network for minimum cochannel interference. They leave a little weak/dead spot in between.  If one of those towers had band 12, you'd probably get a strong signal but poor data speed because the 5x5 carrier would become saturated.

I'd suggest that you try to file a service request asking that the antennas and power levels on the nearby towers be adjusted to provide better service at the school.

Could be, but Thunderbird High school on Thunderbird and 19th Avenue got NO SERVICE. Very frustrating when kids don't have access and not reachable!

There appear to be a couple of dozen band-12 sites in the Phoenix area, including suburbs.

Any updates on band 12? My kids in school don't have any service (and I mean this), and my house works on a single bar. Recently transplant from another carrier, and thinking seriously about switching back due to this issue.

Read posts on this thread that T-Mobile is "working" on this since early 2016, with very little progress though.

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I am not seeing L700 as part of the maintenance on those local towers. That is not to say that it will never happen, it is just not on the list for the current maintenance.

So are those tower going to transition to LTE2100?  If so when?

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Hey there 😊 Looking at Priest and Warner as well as Ray and Mcqueen, I see that we have L700 there but it is not as strong as LTE2100 so your phone may not be able to pick up the extended range there. On an unrelated note, there are some towers in those 2 locations that are undergoing some maintenance as of this morning so you may see some degradation. I know you have been looking forward to these updates for a very long time so I truly apologize that I do not have better news to share with you 😥

Still nothing at work at Priest and Warner.  Still use wifi at home at Ray and Mcqueen. Any updates on when those areas will get band 12?