Why are blocked numbers sent to voice mail?

  • 6 December 2018
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and why is T-mobile voice mail so dumb as to notify me I have a voice mail when no message was left? 

I get weekly calls from spammers trying to sell me solar.  They just wont take no for an answer. If I block a number I want them blocked!

Guess I'll have to switch to a carrier that knows how to deal with spam calls better.


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Basically what you have happening is the number is being blocked from reaching your phone but not your account. you will get a voicemail notification because voicemail is actually left even if it is nothing but dead air. The scammer has stayed on the line long enough and some sort of noise has been produced that leaves some sort of a voicemail.

If you want to block calls and tirely then you can do like most everybody else and look into third-party apps that will pick up and hang up or will block it entirely and not send it to voicemail.

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snn555 left a great explanation of what's happening with the voicemail. The only other thing I'll add is our Caller ID spoofing, text message spam, and phishing page for info on how to handle spam.

What third party package is good to use to stop these spam messages going to voicemail?

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considering that the phone call goes through T-Mobile to get to your T-Mobile phone I don't think there is a way to do that with a third party app. There are some apps that will pick up and hang up spam calls. That would keep those calls from going to voicemail.

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For all here enter **67*15555555555#. In your phones dialer then block your unwanted numbers and you won't get any more voicemails from them unless they change their number.


**67* trick changes only the number that locked callers get sent to. It doesn't affect unblocked callers from leaving voicemails.


If you use a 3rd party call block app this trick still works to keep blocked numbers from leaving voicemails.


Hope this helps.



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To all:


Never use a program that picks up and hangsup on blocked numbers because any number you block that is a charge per answer of the call being picked up can mistake that is you manually answering the call then hanging it up.


Best way is to goto phone dialer then enter **67*15555555555# then press dial to initiate the change.


If you get errors try again a few times and hopefully it'll get setup correctly. TMobile codes like the s can b picky .


This trick changes the number from voicemail to +15555555555 which is a non working number that rings and rings then hangsup to the person who you blocked tries to call back from the blocked number.


This works with internal blocked numbers and 3rd party call blocking app blocked numbers ..


I use this setup my self and that's how I know it really honestly works.