Why are my incoming phone calls directly going to voice mail?

I own an Alcatel GO flip phone. I never use WIFI, Cellular data, voLTE - all these options are disabled. I also never connect to the internet on my phone.


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Oh man, we really wanna make sure you can use the service properly. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to fix this. Do you have signal on the phone? You should start by rebooting the phone as this is a really common way to fix an issue like this. Another thing you should try is the steps on our Signal issues / no service troubleshooting for some addition help.

are you getting a missed call notification?

@ tmo_mike_c : I don't have any signal issues. Phone is charged and has at least 30$ balance on it (pay as you go). Calls from my Dad go to the voicemail directly 50% of the time. Also, calls from other numbers go directly to voicemail. I do not get even 1 phone ring.

@ Empathy : I also don't get any missed call notification. I simply get a voicemail icon after a couple of hours.

sounds similar to the issue I'm having. My phone intermittently won't ring and won't show a missed call. Unless the person leaves a voicemail I have no idea they called. I posted about it here.  Missing calls. No incoming ringtone and no missed call notification  Perhaps this is a widespread issue because several of the most recent posts seem to be about calls going straight to voicemail.

@ empathy : I read your post and I have the exact same issue. I also have friends who called me and complained about me not picking up calls or keeping my phone switched off. None of those are true. I also had a work related phone call scheduled. The person on the other end was nice enough to email about the phone going to voicemail and I called immediately to the number they provided. I am thinking of switching to some other network. I can't afford these problems at this time.

I tried restart many times. I also have full signal where I stay.

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Are you able to make outgoing call? I'd say if it's happening when multiple numbers call you, this would need to be fixed with a Trouble Ticket that our Tech folks would file. If it's just a few numbers, it's possible (depending on your phone) they may be blocked from reaching you. Call blocking is set up through the phones internal settings so, if that's the case, those numbers can be removed. Do you have call blocking and have you checked that?

I have not blocked any number. I am getting this random behavior even from new numbers (of new colleagues) which I have never ever stored or called in my life. I am able to make outgoing calls without issues.

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Alright, thanks for that info. This is definitely something we'll need to have a ticket filed for. Have you reached out to our Tech Care team to report this and get a ticket pushed up to our engineers?

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Hey there! Just wanted to check in and see if you'd had a chance to contact Tech as Mike recommended. Ideally our Tech team should be able to collect a few examples of the recent calls that are routing straight to VM and include those in the ticket, so that our engineering team can run traces to try to determine why these aren't ringing through for you when you do have signal! How are things going?