Why are T-Mobile's websites and apps fubar ?

  • 22 January 2021
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For those of you who remember Roman Numerals and making a proper outline, did you ever ask yourselves why things are fubar ?  

Maybe it is because they do not want you ( or us ) to know what is actually happening ?  That is my theory. 

Things are fubar because:  if you knew how fubar things actually are, you would stop spending all your hard-earned money on an endless array of crappy devices, expensive service plans, and two year contracts.  You just might start demanding decent service, websites that worked, devices that could and would receive a good signal.   You might even demand that T-Mobile and the other Telcos would start telling you the truth about how they transmit their signals, which phones actually worked well on their patchwork systems, and why their motto is;

“If you cannot baffle them with brilliance, befuddle them with BS.”

just my two cents -

2 replies

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“and two year contracts" !?

Umm I thought that T-mobile was the first to get rid of contacts.

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@formercanuck - thank you for the question.

That may be true in some cases, but you did notice, in order to get any discount or to ”qualify” for any of their promotions, you have to agree to staying in a plan for two years.  Perhaps you have not tried to upgrade any device recently ?

They have have been the first to open up the ‘no contract’ options, but from my survey of their offerings, the way they skirt the issue, is to only give you the discount (month by month) over a 24 month time frame.  Please tell me if I am incorrect.  thanks again for your response...not trying to be belligerent, and no disrespect intended.