Why can I not receive more than one bar in the 2nd biggest city in the US?

  • 21 July 2020
  • 3 replies


Any body else notice a complete letdown of service and coverage in the greater Los Angeles area after merger?


Started losing any signal about 3-4 months ago, all 4 iphones on plan can never get more than one bar, mostly sits at zero.



3 replies

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Have you tried restarting your phones to re-associate to the towers? Have you checked your APN settings to make sure they are correct?

Have you called or messaged Tmobile about the change; perhaps, an antenna needs adjustment?

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What kind of device do you have ?

I’m just north of L.A., and coverage here is really good… rarely less than 4 bars.


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Are you a T-Mobile customer or a Sprint customer? What model iPhones are you using?