Why did T-Mobile lie for two years about future 5g phones and band 71

Hello I would like some clarification from those who may have more information.

For the past two years T-Mobile support/sales has been saying multiple phones sold (in the last 2 years) (some examples pixl 3, lgv40, note 9, even v30) had band 71 support making them 5g ready when it was finally rolled out in your area.

So I have been patiently waiting now for two years. Even last year on phone support being told how awesome the 5g was in Las Vegas.

Flashforward to present December 2019 and the emails and texts and strange network issues all announced nation wide 5g!

Cool so where is mine? Well as it happens the metro Detroit area is still not lit even though the tv stations cleared early and mid 2019.

So I chat in to ask for a date and am instantly just told that only two phones support 5g right now ....two phones just released q4 2019.....what.

So I do a quick search and find a post from November 2019 detailing how, "it looks like tmo will be segmenting band 71 and only allowing the lower end."

Meaning.....TMobile sold us plans and phones for two years now claming they would be future 5g ready only to limit the spectrum and force us to buy new devices 2019/2020.

What the absolute F ?


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By your logic, cooking, family, and dog are all same thing ("is Rachel Ray cooking her dog?" would be the jump you would send out because they're in the same sentence).

They're related ONLY because they are part of things Rachael Ray is involved in.

The same way 5G, LTE, and V30 are all things T-Mobile is involved in.  You're focused on a few words in a press release instead of the understanding of the release.  I've brought the press release to several coworkers (at least two of which are super grammar sticklers.. yeah.. that's the term I can use for "alt-write" and get it approved in the forum 😀).  I asked whether they read that the V30 would be 5G, and all answers said no for the following reasons:

  1. The press release says in Paragraph 1 that it supports 600MHz LTE, and LTE is not 5G,
  2. The hyphen in the Legere quote designates two separate thoughts.  Essentially is read as a period,
  3. The separate thoughts is expanded based on the first paragraph.  The first paragraph talks about a phone, then T-Mobile's network infrastructure.  The quote starts with the two network infrastructures, then about a phone they're excited about,
  4. The third paragraph talks about the phone working on LTE on the 600MHz spectrum.  Does not mention 5G at all,
  5. The fourth paragraph talks about the network infrastructure on the 600MHz spectrum.  Does not mention the phone at all,
  6. Paragraphs 5, 6, and 7 are talking about the network infrastructure.  How they're using 600MHz as LTE to start and are laying the way for 5G on the same band (just like 2G and 3G are both on Band 2 in many areas [and solely with other providers]),

So, in summary, the article talks about two things, as identified in the subheadings:

  1. A cool new LTE phone that works on upcoming available LTE infrastructure ("The newly-unveiled LG V30, the world’s first 600 MHz LTE-capable smartphone, will be available at T-Mobile this fall."), and
  2. How they are building out their LTE Network infrastructure with plans on using the same band to deploy 5G ("The Un-carrier is lighting up LTE in its new super spectrum at breakneck pace while simultaneously building for the 5G future with new network equipment from Ericsson.")

The subheadings clearly identify there's two different subjects in the press release.

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None of those phones were advertised as 5G ready.

I have the LG V30 and I knew it wasn't a 5G device.

That is absolutely not true.

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Show me where the LG V30 was a 5G phone when it was sold.

600mhz was claimed to be 5g for the past two years untill sometime in 2019

if you have been following the roll out. Including by sales and support

agents. Pull the calls it's not my job to record the information. Google

it. Here is a recent discussion though:

Also I asked for people who have more information. Sorry but you just

demonstrated you clearly do not.

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And from official Tmobile source not some tech article speculating it's "technically" 5G because it has band 71.

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That's a support thread .

If you followed the 4g/LTE rollout , 5G is rolling out the same way with a couple of phones


600 MHz DD 71 LTE 4G Active/Building Out[120] Spectrum purchased in early 2017, network launched in August 2017. Licenses cover 100% of the United States.[120][121]
n71 NR 5G Active/Building Out[109] Primary band for 5G NR network.[97] Commercially launched on December 2, 2019.[109] Licenses cover 100% of the United States.

Hey cool new chart man. Exactly like I said. Recently in 2019 actually seems to be....December by that chart? They decided to segment the band. Aka making band 71 phones not 5g as they said and forcing upgrades. Just like I posted. Thanks for backing me up.

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Thanks for reading more into it.

My guess is that the majority of people knew that 5G enabled phones wouldn't be released/sold until

the 5G network was turned on.

Hardly. T mobile sales and support phone agents also said this would be 5g.

The real truth is most people have 0 clue and never followed the roll out. (Making it very easy to pull this kind of baloney)

Then you have people like you outright trying to claim this never happened.

While posting charts as evidence ....that shows it happened exactly like I

said. Very strange.

You even strangely instantly hijacked my thread #1 with outright no this never happened. #2 with you comment placement. There is a forever stuck your last comment because you replied to yourself instead of editing your comment. (A 6 year forum vet)

Professionally strange.

Don't appreciate thread hijacking. Above Gramps asking for a specific source is the discussion ^

(I replied to his first request but he replied to himself forever making this last comment without this reply)

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I didn't hijack the thread , I just responded to it and you don't agree with my posts.Get over it.

When I bought my LG V30 it was advertised as 4G/LTE not 5G. Tmobile isn't going to sell a

5G phone 2 years before the rollout.

No you actually are the only person agressively responding with incorrect information. The information you provided actually supports exactly what I said. You also keep responding after I specifically said you are not providing more information. I see you have been posting similar comments on other threads related to other people mention it band 71 600mhz was advertised to them as 5g. Such can be seen in the thread I linked. You also replied to yourself so you would forever have the last comment here if I did not reply to it. This is hijack a thread 101 friend. You also know it. Being on this forum for 6 years. Burry it act like it didn't happen. Act like you answered the question lol.

Band 71 was deployed by your own chart in 2017. Band 71 was then and is still now 5g. However now they decided to segment the band... exactly like I first posted.... exactly like your chart shows. They engineered a forced phone upgrade if you want 5g by segmenting the band. There was no reason to do this. They previously claimed phones sold in 2017,2018,2019 that had band 71 would have 5g in the future when it was deployed in your area. Now it's no....only these two new phones....because we decided to split the band (sometime 2019 that chart seems to be December). i first posted .

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Whatever, live in your fantasy world.

Can't even us a  common sense reply to you.

Et al: Tmobile isn't going to sell a 5G phone 2 years before 5G is released.

And yes....they did....and have been selling them many years before the roll out. The only reason there was a roll out was because they had to wait for tv stations to clear this frequency. And it has taken years. Tv has actually cleared early in most locations.  So they absolutely did sell them. Because they bought the spectrum years ago and said if you are expecting 5g you need a phone with band 71. Now only to go back on that and say oooo you need these two new phones because we segmented the band in 2019.

To add to this discussion, why is LTE Band 71 not lit up where 5G on 600 mhz is? I'm in Grand Rapids and have yet to see B71 where (it didn't already exist) show 5G 600 coverage. Where B71 was previously available pre 5G it's fine. When will the B71 turn up happen to fill in the missing coverage areas especially where B12 is saturated?

Common Sense is lacking with your poor attempt to bury the truth.

If you have a for sure band 71 enabled phone it is possible you have to force it onto band 71. If band 71 is in fact in your area. (I see GR is lit and have been jelly for a while/years over here in metro Detroit)

Iim between a band 12, band 66 and band 2 tower. My signal bounces around them all day unless I force the band in a secret menu.

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I think you are confused about band 71.  T-Mobile has stated that band 71 will be used for future 5G service as well as current LTE, but that doesn't mean and T-Mobile has never claimed that any band 71 capable phone will work with the 5G implementatiin on band 71.. 

Yes I am confused....about why they decided to segment band 71 in 2019. Going back on everything they said for the last two years minimum about needing band 71 for 5g and you just had to wait for the roll out if you bought one. Now telling us no we decided to segment the band so only two phones will work that you must now upgrade to. Just like I posted....I am confused...why they did that to us.

Also I missed what is probably a key part of what you said. You are now NOT getting band 71 in areas you previously did? Only after this new December 5g roll out?

I am getting it in areas it was already deployed, however it's not yet in many places that have 5G on 600mhz.  It's still B12 in many areas areas and it's not so usable due to saturation. 

Also if someone knows a way to force the pixel 4 unlocked to B71 I will try it.

Ah I see. Well that would also support my argument. They engineered a new segment and will force upgrades. Considering your b71 won't even work where its 5g only. I can tell you how to do it for LG v 30+ 40. Dial (277634#*#) however it's different per manufacturer. I just did some breif looking and am not sure how for the pixel 4. It could be in developer mode or not. Sometimes these menus are called the engineering menu, secret menu, developer etc. To get a pixl to unlock developer options you would:

Open the Settings app on your Pixel 4 or 4 XL and scroll down to the bottom. Tap "About phone," then scroll down to the bottom again. Now, tap "Build number" seven times in quick succession. You'll be prompted to enter your lock screen PIN, and after you do, you'll get a toast message that says "You are now a developer!"

To access the Developer options menu, scroll down towards the bottom of the Settings app and tap "System." Tap "Advanced" to expand a few more options, and one of these will be "Developer options."

You could also try to dial (*#*#4636#*#*) no brackets to see if it will still open testing mode.

Some common search terms are force band selection, lock band, engineering menu, secret menu. It's possible you can't on the pixl with out root.

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A word of advice for anyone considering messing with the Engineering menu on a device.  You can render the device unable to connecting to a network by messing with the band selection.  Some of these settings are not reset even after a factory reset.  You have been warned!