I’ve had this joke of “high-speed” internet service for 8mo now following every troubleshooting, signal enhancing trick short of a erecting a transistor radio tower atop my third floor apartment (which have only half seriously considered and loosely schemed plausible plans at this point). In complete seriousness I left T-Mobile years ago for Sprint b/c not only does T-Mobile’s “internet service” across all devices/plans unabashedly leave a desperate yearning for any other provider even marginally competent (except AT&T) at broadcasting data (virtually free to do, yet sold at +1000%) as what T-Mobile really provides is constant, frustrating disappointing w/ ample bouts of increasingly uncontrollable urges to punt the Gateway off my patio to its satisfying, deservedly agonizing connection with pavement. Arguably the only connection it’ll successfully have an EXCELLENT signal strength in the brief moments between impact and demise. I hardly use the gateway instead settle for using my phone & it’s hotspot, the occasional times I decide to futilely attempt utilizing this service I wastefully subscribe to I am unsurprisingly met with ERROR messages, slow download speeds, connection issues, & no short of an inability to enjoy any other subscribed service like streaming.. not that T-Mobile’s bandwidth even marginally allows for an enjoyable experience, I’d rather rewind a pulled-out VHS with my pinky for 20min just to rewatch a film for the 100th time by far without hesitation rather than have had Sprint underwritten. Second, T-Mobile customer service is lacking in fulfilling, rectifying, troubleshooting, ensuring satisfaction, or resolving even the most asinine, borderline elementary service issues. The one thing I know I can get out of T-Mobile’s service is Comcast’s telephone number.

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