why does my phone say "Not registered on network"?

  • 28 February 2017
  • 3 replies

and it wont let me make any phone calls or go online Pls Help!

3 replies

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What model phone? 

Did this just start happening at random?

Is it a T-Mobile phone and SIM? 

Are you a customer of T-Mobile? 

Did this phone recently update or does it need an update?

Have you removed and reinserted the SIM? 

Do you need a new SIM? 

Has the phone been active on your account before? 

Has it been reported lost or stolen? 

Is it blacklisted for non-payment? 

Are you able to select an operator from the Network settings menu? 

Are the APN settings correct?

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Hey there @ucally76

We really want to help you out with your phone. @snn_555‌ asked some great questions we can use to assist you further. Can you let us know if this is still happening, and if so, give us more details? Thanks!

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Hiya @ucally76‌!  Just checking in to see if you're still having this problem.  If so, we'd love to grab the information that @snn_555‌ asked here so that we can help you out!  Thank you!

- Marissa