Why does Pokemon go barely work for T-Mobile?

  • 12 July 2016
  • 4 replies

I've  recently downloaded Pokemon Go the new app that came out and I'd have to say T-Mobile does not support it that well, but all these other cell phone company's do any tips?

4 replies

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Hey there!

As an avid Pokemon go player, and as someone who has read a ton on forums, it's really going to be a location thing. If you are in an area that has low signal that other carriers have higher signal, you will have more or a problem because it needs to connect to server. However, for the most part, I have seen everyone struggle equally because most of the freezing is on the side of Niantic.

I've seen a theory for iPhone users that disabling LTE helps on all carriers, but I'm not an iPhone user so I can't say for sure either way!

Expect the game to be a lot smoother once the game servers are more stable. 😊


What do you mean that t-mobile doesn't support it well? What is happening for you?

I only notice lag or problems when near a gym. But that is the same problem that was previously referred to here by Lauren and is an issue with niantic servers not being able to handle the load.

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I imagine OP is referring to the freezing when you catch a Pokemon, and then it taunts you as the Pokeball sits there and stares at you while not letting you know if you caught that 540 Venemoth...

Advice from an expert. 😀