Why does T-Mobile Coverage not work?

  • 5 September 2020
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I just became a T-Mobile member last week, and left Verizon. I have never had a more frustrating week because of the switch. I can't believe how big of a lie the coverages are. I work in downtown Madison, WI and my family all lives in Milwaukee. We expected to have signal in these areas, since T-Mobile claims to have 5g in most of these areas and we all got brand new samsung s20s that are 5g compatible. But yet, our coverage can't even send texts. At this point we are paying for nothing, our phones only work when on WiFi. My family cannot text each other consistently, about only half of our text messages reach one another, even when our phones claim to be connected to 5g. I never have any signal in any apartment building in downtown Madison. Even when I am outside walking my phone struggles to load web pages, either taking several minutes to do so, or never loading them, even though my phone will claim its got a 5g connection. We pay for all unlimited but get nothing, this is just sad, will be leaving as soon as we can. Never join T-Mobile, even with buying Sprint they still suck compared to Verizon and U.S. Cellular. Would never recommend T-Mobile to anyone, could never recommend T-Mobile to anyone, it will just cause a lot of communication issues and safety concerns for you and your family. 

1 reply

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Let me guess. You traded in your Verizon phones for new T-Mobile phones? That would be very unfortunate. I always recommend that anyone considering T-Mobile try the service before buying. Have you tried changing the settings on your phone so that it won’t try 5G? I’m not saying it will help but trying it can’t hurt. This is what coverage in Madison should look like:

Check your specific location at