Why is my phone hotspot internet speed ~0.01 mbps??

  • 29 March 2022
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This is a recurring problem. Once T-Mobile throttles down my hotspot (I pay for extra data), it plummets to really pitiful levels. 


0.01 mbps is worse than whatever 3G T-Mobile promises. It is so slow as to be practically useless. Websites timeout, etc. 


Is there a reason for this? Is it a ploy to get me to upgrade my data? I pay nearly $200/month for two lines. Please help!

3 replies




I have 0.3 mega

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A few questions:

  1.  What is the main use of your hotspot (home vs. portable vs. ‘house internet’) ?
  2. What plan are you using ?  Magenta MAX is supposed to be good for many GB of hotspot.

If your primary use is ‘home internet’, ‘and’ you’re on Max, and you’re expiring your time in ~2 weeks, you may want to look for either a paid hotspot, or T-Mobile Home Internet.