WHy is my speed so slow?

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Hello Marissa,

I actually do have an update.  The ticket reopened was piled up with others about the same issues in my location. Meanwhile, a new ticket cannot be submitted until they are done with the tower because the engineer had been dispatched.

Still waiting...

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OK, gotcha! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Crossing my fingers that you get some news ASAP!

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Just checking in -- was our internal team able to give you any hint of when the tower work might be completed? Hope things are going OK! 😊

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Just wanted to check in and see if there were any updates! 😊


My phone still freezes and go's slow

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If the device you are using is having performance issues this may be the wrong thread to get the right attention. The user who originally posted was having coverage issues not device issues. That being said I will do my best to help you although it will require further information to help give you the right steps to trouble shoot and pinpoint the issue. To start what device are you using? Did the phone start acting abnormal after installing a recent app? Have you tried doing a simple restart for the device?

5s. Yes I tried a restart. I tried deleting apps that run in yhe background. It just sucks.

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Awe well the 5s is a bit old, I would make sure the phone has the latest update and try doing a factory reset to see if that helps with performance. Apple has been known to throttle performance if the battery is old so maybe talk to Apple care and see if that is the issue. Its $29 to replace the battery if I remember right. Although honestly if you have the option I would look into upgrading to something newer. Not only for better performance from your phone but also better LTE coverage from T-mobile. The iphone 5s does not support band 12 which is a large chunk of coverage to miss out on.

Update 2

I have received a call from Tech Support providing a new deadline for the modernization progress to be complete. It was also mentioned that this particular tower (which is literally in front on my building)  has been going through this "modernization" since 2016. Last month the deadline was March 25th, now the new "On Air Date" is scheduled for the 21st. Until then we cannot confirm if the problem will be resolved or if a new ticket will have to be opened. Then again, this is not the first date I have have been given for the tower to be on air. It was also confirmed this tower will work on the 900 Mhz or B4.

Regarding as of why the Hotspot is automatically throttled (not prioritized)  to half the speed of what the handheld recieves still remains unclear and no update has been provided.

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Just to clarify for you, T-mobile does not have 900Mhz spectrum. It will ether be band 4(1700/2100MHz) or band 5(850MHz).

Hello dragon1562,

My mistake, I meant 1900.

*1900 Mhz

Thank you. I think we got it now. Your the BEST

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Hey, @magenta4456797​!

Thanks a million for the update. Wow, since 2016?! Hopefully in three more days you'll see a world of difference in your speed while at work. Please keep us posted if you notice any difference. I know you might be skeptical when it comes to the 21st only because you've been given multiple "on-air" dates but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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Happy Friday, @magenta4456797​!

Just wanted to swing by to see if you have noticed any changes in your data speed yet. I know tomorrow is "the day" but we'll be out of the office until Monday. We look forward to hearing back from you and hope you have some good news for us! 😊

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Hey there! Just wanted to check in and see how things are going for you. Any updates?


Sorry for the delay, its been a busy few weeks. The tower is live. I had the opportunity to stand in front of that small cell and get 50+mbps. Yet, when i go upstairs to the 24th level in my apartment, the speed becomes inconsistent;y ranging from 3mbps - 15mbps on a good day. The intermittent signal has improved a bit, but still have call issues and slow speeds on a normal day. If I do a speedtest downstairs at night (2am) I will definately get around 80+ mbps, but up at the 24th level, the speed drops dramatically to the 15mbps mark.

The hostpot speeds continue to be throttled to half the speed of the actual speedtest, and have no update on that.

They gave me this story about a year ago after I made the mistake of switching carriers about wonderful miraculous upgrades that were supposed to occur that would make everything blazing fast. LTE speeds are still horrible and always have been with tmobile south of Seattle area. They totally oversell network speed, then when you realize its slower than 1995 dialup they promise upgrades that never happen. Just waiting for this contract to expire. Frustrating.

I think I figured out what is happening. When you sign up for a one + plan, they add binge on to your account. In a fact you are throttled because you have binge on turned on. To check press dial #264#. If you see it turned on then follow the instructions to turn it off by dialing #263#. Enjoy

Unsure why I'm not getting speedtest speeds in my usage...

Im probably getting less than 20th of those reported speeds at when I run various apps demanding of at least a tenth of those speeds... Like u all have no issues in transferring from to at huge speeds... Everything else used is like not even a 20th of those reported speeds?

I'm thinking cricketwireless throttled down to 6 megs, is proven a faster web experience?

I have read video is slowed down to 480p, thus in itself, a much slower rate... Considering video compression nowadays, some of which are compressing down to hevc, vp10, why even carry on the bandwidth limits to other streams, like files, or multiple downloading streams... I have yet to reach 2 megs download bandwidth... Maybe I have... Still I like to gripe, cause when I needed the bandwidth, a 240k youtube was continously buffering... Whereas I was downloading browser a 1.5 gig file, stating it would be hours, thus, 500 megs an hour, 8.5 megs a minute, 150 KS a sec... Which in all actuality I wasn't getting not even 500ks a second bandwidth, of the 20 megs speedtest say ..