Why is my tethering speed so slow?

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"Upgrading" to One Plus hasn't helped. I've been back and forth with technicians for a whole month without resolution.

My last download speed minutes ago was 0.56Mbps, and upload a whopping 0.00Mpbs.

Seriously thinking about switching providers at this point. This is completely unacceptable.


Thank you for the excellent suggestion to contact T-mobile support.

Do you have any other alternative suggestions if I've been back and forth with tech support for over a month without resolution of the problem???

that is because t-mobile slowing down the tethering on purpose …

my USB tethering is over  from 160mpbs ~ 240Mpbs….https://www.speedtest.net/result/9667731934

T-mobile won’t help you until you paying the premium for the tethering….or you have work around...

business is business 

I've been having same issues been with tmobile for gosh I think 3 years and every time I have incredibly slow download speeds when tethering or using Hotspot on my laptop it sux