Why is my tethering speed so slow?

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"Upgrading" to One Plus hasn't helped. I've been back and forth with technicians for a whole month without resolution.

My last download speed minutes ago was 0.56Mbps, and upload a whopping 0.00Mpbs.

Seriously thinking about switching providers at this point. This is completely unacceptable.


Thank you for the excellent suggestion to contact T-mobile support.

Do you have any other alternative suggestions if I've been back and forth with tech support for over a month without resolution of the problem???

that is because t-mobile slowing down the tethering on purpose …

my USB tethering is over  from 160mpbs ~ 240Mpbs….https://www.speedtest.net/result/9667731934

T-mobile won’t help you until you paying the premium for the tethering….or you have work around...

business is business 

I've been having same issues been with tmobile for gosh I think 3 years and every time I have incredibly slow download speeds when tethering or using Hotspot on my laptop it sux 

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T-mobile says or said things for years that are not part of their agreement. I remember getting the Nexus s many years ago and the guy said that hotspot was unlimited at full speed then they came after us for using too much hotspot that they couldn't see until Android updated to 4.4? I believe. The entire thing was as ridiculous as it is today. The ignorance of representatives of T-mobile over the years makes me read everything and not trust anything they say because they can promise everything but whether you receive it is totally not their responsibility. 

Under these exact circumstances, i.e. a colossal waste of my time with no results, I will sue the carrier or company - AT&T, Frontier, All of them, and you should do so. There sin’t a carrier or  ISP in business that I haven’t sued for the exact same collection of issues. Failed tech support for malfunctions and a colossal waste of personal time. They are 100% liable, it is a slam dunk, and they KNOW it. Small claims court will award you damages based on the time you spent on this, loss of productive, personal, and professional time which resulted from inability to use the service you’ve paid for, etc. Your damages could reflect that you paid a lot of money for a service that did not deliver as promised. Then T-Mobile will work out a settlement in the form of several hundred to 1000 + dollars in service credit applied to your account. OR, you may talk them into giving you that credit without litigating. I would bring it up with them and say “we can do this in the form of credit, (name a number no lower that $500,) or we can do this in court, your choice”. It WILL work. Because it’s ALWAYS about the money. If you shake that tree and threaten to litigate and cost them hundreds and thousands in actual costs and fees, you change the dynamic. Instead getting a revenue stream from your pocket to theirs, suddenly they are facing a substantial cash loss in the other direction. They lose no actual cash by doing this is the form of credit, and then they preserve the customer revenue stream from your pocket. 


timmyb wrote:


After my initial frustration, I decided to bump up the plan to the paid option. It worked instantly. Kind of disappointing that I need to pay for it ...

I have to disagree. What's really frustrating, and what this thread is about, is those of us who are paying for the best tethering T-Mobile offers and are not getting it.


I've been paying T-Mobile hundreds of dollars a month (multiple lines) for more than six years. For the last 18 months or so, tethering has not worked for me even though I am paying for it. I'm going to try @phamos1​ suggestion tonight and see if that helps me as much as it helped him. (Speaking of frustration, another one is that T-Mobile's best support people did not resolve this for me after multiple support tickets over 18 months.)


Anyway, I am happy that tethering is working well for some people, but I am just taking exception with that we should call frustrating. As I said, the real frustration is when you pay for it and you still don't get it.

You can sue them in small claims court and seek a full refund of everything you’ve paid during the time in which this problem went unresolved. Just fill out the small claims court form and first send T Mobile a copy. Don’t file until you have to. T Mobile will cave and give you money back in the form of credit. I have done it a dozen or more times with various carriers and ISPs. Don’t let them get away with it.

I was having the same exact problem, didn't matter if it was wireless or usb tethering.  I downloaded PdaNet+ http://pdanet.co/ Install it on your computer and phone.  After installing and following the instructions I was getting up to 30Mbps down and 15Mbps up.  I was getting those speeds with usb tethering, haven't tried it wireless.