Why is T-Mobile service slow?

  • 30 March 2022
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I switched to T-Mobile 2 years ago and it was great. I broke off from my family’s verizon plan to start my own. The coverage was about the same then so I saw no difference in speeds or pockets of dropped signal. But recently, the past few months have been absolutely infuriating and frustrating with the connection being so slow that my google maps loses connection. I live by a MAJOR city so I would expect to at least have some speed but no. I cannot load webpages, I cannot make phone calls for work, and I can’t even use my phone to pay bills. Why is their connection so slow recently? I’ve spoken to many “technicians” and they all say the same thing and offer the same advice but nothing has changed. Is anyone else experiencing just general slowness?

4 replies

I am experiencing the same issues with T-Mobile. It has been absolutely abysmal. For any decent connectivity I have to rely on WiFi. 

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Depends on a few factors…

  1.  Capacity and upgrades - not all sites have been ‘upgraded’ to 5G UC.  Many on just 5G will actually perform better on just 4G LTE.  Eg.  Today at an ideal spot, 4G LTE only… 400Mbps.  5G (no UC), 100Mbps.  At home, similar  - 4G LTE ~100-200Mbps, 5G ~ 10-100Mbps (100Mbps is when 5G fails).
  2.  Many Sprint customers coming over as their sites are decommed
  3. Location - location - location.2 blocks from UC, with +500Mbps gives me ~5Mbps.

I’d recommend attempting to disable 5G.  Note: I have similar issues with AT&T, where 4G LTE outperforms  5G + LTE

same issue.I use wifi as well

Same issue here as well. I do not have 5G on my phone but my wife does on hers. Since the sprint merger my 4G and her 5G have tanked. I see a full seven seconds of ping time (not a typo, 691ms of ping time and 107ms of jitter) before I get a response from the T mobile network on my device and 5 seconds (486ms of ping time and 100ms of jitter) on hers which is simply unacceptable. I’m not sure how the guy above me is hitting 100Mbps because I’m barely getting 23Mbps in the middle of cities with 5g and 4g.  If the Tmobile network is going to take 8 seconds to even start loading I’m going to see what I can get from that new smoke signal tech the caveman are developing.