Why No TM-AC1900 Firmware Updates

  • 5 February 2015
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54 replies

Same problem here as cosmichippo.  I don't have the option to enable SSH in the Administration -> System page.

Is there another way to enable SSH on this router firmware?

Really want to install a different firmware from the t-mobile stock firmware.

Okay I found how to change the firmware from t-mobile's default firmware.  In order to enable SSH you have to downgrade your router to an older firmware version.  Full tutorial and older firmware available at these sites: - View Single Post - T-Mobile Personal CellSpot AC Router by Asus - Free for postpaid ($25 deposit)

Hey jabv,

I have the TM-AC1900 router and am having issues with the 5G dropping down to 2.4G and it is really slow. I am only a few feet away and the signal drops already which makes me frustrated lol. I am currently on f/w

It does not have SSH. How do I downgrade to the right firmware with SSH? Should I follow all the steps listed on decepticlone? I'm scared it might brick my router which i am renting from T-mobile.


Firmware updated yesterday to:  Happened automatically from what I can tell.....