Why No TM-AC1900 Firmware Updates

  • 5 February 2015
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There haven't been any Asus firmware updates to this router, if you go to the Asus website there are still none listed.  But if you look up the RT-AC68U which this router is based off of there are a lot of recent updates.






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There's a new update out. I don't see any new features, but maybe they fixed some of the wifi calling issues and addressed some of the security concerns.

The update must be done manually. I left instructions on how to do that about 10 posts into this thread:


Mod edit: You can get the firmware patch notes here: Cellspot router firmware update information 😊

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Here's a way to force whatever firmware you want. NOTE - this will void your warranty on the device.

Don't rely on T-Mobile for firmware updates because you will not get timely through them. Not sure why but their firmware is very far behind the actual device this router is based on which is the Asus RT-AC68U. The current firmware (at time of writing 12/2016) is version

You cannot flash this firmware directly from the router's admin page but you can force flash it by using some common SSH commands. Here's a quick guide on that process. Don't do this if you are uncomfortable with typing at a command prompt.

1. Download the current firmware version that you want. (Look into Asus Merlin firmware as well. Really cool stuff)

2. Download Putty (ssh client) and WinSCP (SCP & SFTP client)

3. Log into your router and go to Administration > System and enable SSH. Click Apply

4. Open WinSCP and change the protocol to SCP, type in your router's IP address (

5. Log in with your router's admin account (or whatever acount you setup)

6. Verify that the right-hand pane of WinSCP is in the /tmp/home/root directory

7. In the left pane find the firmware that you downloaded and drag it over to the right pane (/tmp/home/root)

8. Once that completes open Putty and use the same router IP address that you used above

9. Log in with you router's admin account. Congrats, you have root access to YOUR router

10. Type the following commands (In Italics) below in Putty, pressing Enter after each one:

cd /tmp/home/root/


(You should see your firmware listed after this command)

/sbin/mtd-write2 /tmp/home/root/your-firmware.trx linux && reboot

Congrats, you have flashed an official or aftermarket firmware on the router!

Once it reboots, sign back in through your router's admin page and verify that your previous settings are still applied. Being a T-Mobile device I found that after the flash I could not get to but that was an easy fix...

Log into the router and go to LAN > DHCP Server. In the field labeled TM-AC1900's Domain Name, delete and click Apply. You should now be able to get to their website.

Report back with your results 😊

Does anyone have any word on when Tmobile will pass an update?

I keep having my wifi signal drop when I have devices running on both the 2.4 and 5 ghz spectrum's. A problem hat has been fixed by ASUS in a firmware update about 2-3 months ago.

You don't need a lower firmware version to jump to first. Flashing the newest firmware from Asus took it to 64mb

Thanks for the response!!! 😊

I did not have to downgrade to get the 64MB partition. Woot.

From my device:

df -h

/dev/mtdblock4           62.8M      1.8M     61.0M   3% /jffs

Good question.  I ended up dumping the Tmobile firmware, the router is now a straight RT-AC68U.  Glad I did too, there are a lot more features in the Asus firmware than the stripped down TM version.

That's awesome, you guys! I'm glad it worked for you too 😊

This is a really nice device and it's a shame T-Mo doesn't keep it updated. The new firmware fixes a ton of bugs I was having with this thing. Oh well.... All good now!

Anytime 😊

Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll try my best to help!

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If you remove the stock firmware, you remove the T-Mobile optimization.

I'm trying to follow timmytimaz's guide but am not getting very far. I don't have the option to enable SSH on my Admin > System page. Anyone have any suggestions to enable SSH? I'm on f/w  using Google chrome. I've tried to look through the html of the page to see if it's there but blocked and haven't found anything.



yes no maybe?

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You bump the thread, you delay an answer from T-Mobile (their T-Force group).  They answer threads oldest first.

As for the answer they'll give, T-Mobile will not announce firmware updates for any device (like phone software updates, and I'll now include router firmware) until the update is available to the public.

Thanks.  I am thinking of going through the flashing procedure on the TM-AC1900 and basically turning it into a stock Asus RT-AC68U.  I don't like the idea that TM is doing keeping this device current.

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If you flash a non-T-Mobile firmware on it, T-Mobile may charge you for the device.

Remember, it's not yours (unless you paid the $100 for it, or whatever the retail price is).  It's T-Mobile's.  They're just letting you borrow it.

I paid the $100.  I already had the cel-fi booster and was not eligible for the free router.  Even at $100 it was still a great deal, the 68U still goes for around $200.

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In that case, do what you will! 😊

If I hadn't bought a new Linksys router like a month before this program came about, I probably would have bought this one, simply due to the price compared to it's equivalents (as you did).  I don't have a WiFi Capable device currently (well, I do, it's just my backup device), so I would have used it for it's performance capabilities.

I have a wifi calling device, an iPhone 6, but don't use wifi calling anymore.  Even using the TM-AC1900 router and a 20MBdown/2MBup internet connection I found wifi calling buggy.  I have it disabled now on the iPhone 6, so I am not taking advantage of any wifi calling features build into the TM-AC1900 firmware.  Why I am considering flashing it to an Asus 68U, which is getting updates.

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That's not even broadband anymore! 😊   (the FCC or someone is redefining broadband as at least 25/5, if I have my numbers right)

I get an ok enough signal at home [most of the time, although for some reason I've been shifting to H a lot recently] that calls are fine.  I don't even swap to WiFi while I'm home.

But, yeah, the router itself is awesome.  And, if flashing it to the original is easy, hopefully flashing it back to T-Mobile is just as easy if updates come out and you want to go back to the WiFi Calling setup.

True, not smoking fast, but certainly fast enough for wifi calling

There's also a DD-WRT implementation. My issue is that I don't know what T-Mobile may believe I agreed to. I just called them and asked for one and they sent it to me. I didn't pay, sign for or verbally agree to anything. For now, I'm treating it as if it were a loaner.

Not sure what the deal is there drnewcomb2.  I know for me, I paid $100 for the router because I already had the cel-fi booster.  Once device per account.  I KNOW they want the cel-fi booster back but I am not positive about the routers that they sent out for free or next to free.

I'd flash it anyway but that's just me.

So you just used the firmware provided by Asus on their website right for the ac68u?

Yes, but you can not directly flash the TM-AC1900 with the stock Asus RT-AC68U firmware.  There is a process you have to go though and it is not for the faint of heart.


Looks like this post has been answered! You can continue to post, and other community users may respond, but if you would like assistance from T-Mobile or T-Force please create a new discussion.

Thank you!


It has not been answered. Tmobile has not provided a timeframe for when the firmware will be updated to address issues that ASUS has already fixed and current Tmobile users are experiencing.

The other user on here only provided an alternative, and one that may void the warranty of the item if it ever needed to be returned to Tmobile.