Wi-Fi impacts ability to receive calls.

Hi T-Mobile,


I have a Galaxy Note 5 running Android 7. I switched from Verizon. I have noticed that since I switched, occasionally calls go straight to Voicemail and I have no idea it happened until I receive the Voicemail alert, usually immediately after the voicemail has been left.


This seems to happen most when Wi-Fi is enabled. I even have reproduced the problem myself by trying to call my number from my wife's phone to have it go straight to voicemail, despite my phone showing full 4G reception.


Here's the catch, I disable the Wi-Fi and then try again, the call comes through.

Re-enable the Wi-Fi and try again, call goes through.


I'm not sure what's going on but it is as if the phone drops off the network but hasn't. This might explain why suddenly I receive a bunch of notification all at the same time.


It would be great if

a) someone could help identify the problem

b) there is some way to see the connectivity status of my device on the network, so I can identify when it has dropped off (and therefore become uncontactable).


Thank you.

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When using another carrier's phone on our network you may experience data issues. I had a customer experiencing similar issues he was a business man losing money because of it. He bought a tmobile phone hasn't had an issue since (: hope this helps. Or if your phone has been dropped alot there could be an issue with the antennas in the phone.



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Employees of T mobile should indicate this fact.

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You may need to make sure you have the correct APN settings for T-Mobile even though the SIM card should change that for you you may need to manually check just to make sure also you can check and make sure your WiFi calling is setup correctly. If you are connecting to WiFi and using WiFi calling your emergency 9-1-1 address needs to be correct on your account. The settings for wifi calling within the router itself may be incorrect and that might be causing you issues if you're connected to WiFi and Wifi calling on the phone when you miss these phone calls. You may need to disable Wifi calling if it is enabled and that might help Rectify your situation.

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Hey, @omar1234!

Welcome to our T-Mobile Support Community! It's a bummer to hear that your phone has a mind of its own when connected to WiFi. There have been a few suggestions made here that I think would be helpful. As @snn_555 recommended, have you tried disabling WiFi calling? If so, do calls go through when you're still connected to WiFi? You can also make sure your APN settings are correct following these steps.

Give those two things a shot and let us know how everything is working.

Thanks all for the suggestions. the APN settings are correct I believe. I remember explicitly setting these up in the T-mobile shop, and they match the settings posted by tmo_amanda. However, they are different to what's shown on this link: Community-2747

Regarding Wi-Fi calling, I never enabled it to begin with. When I follow the menu options to remove it, it doesn't appear in my menu! I don't know why that is the case.

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Thanks a million for getting back to me, @omar1234! I appreciate you pointing out the differences in the tutorial APN set-up vs the link that I provided. I'll take a closer look at that to correct the information. Do you have access to a T-Mobile branded device by chance? It can even be a friends. What I'd like to test is putting your SIM in the T-Mobile branded device to see if you're able to receive calls while connected to WiFi. Is this an option for you? In the end, I believe it comes down to the device being the issue. 😥

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Hi, @omar1234​! We just wanted to check in here and see if you'd had a chance to test Wi-Fi calling after placing your SIM in a friend's T-Mobile phone! If so, how did it go?

- Marissa

Hi Marissa, Amanda,

Thanks for the follow up and for the suggestions. I do not have access to a T-mobile branded device unfortunately and I'm not really sure what the value would be in this test anyway. The problem described above does not happen all the time, and thus what is quite frustrating is if its happening I have no idea of knowing its happening. Sometimes I get calls on WiFi, sometimes I do not and only get voicemails (assuming they leave a voicemail), otherwise, I probably get nothing.

Testing with another sim won't help because I have no way of conclusively reproducing the issue.

Any other ideas?

Does anyone know if it is possible to access a call log from T-Mobile then I can see if I've been missing calls?



omar1234 wrote:

Regarding Wi-Fi calling, I never enabled it to begin with. When I follow the menu options to remove it, it doesn't appear in my menu! I don't know why that is the case.

My Verizon branded Galaxy S7 is a Verizon branded phone. Wi-fi calling doesn't appear in my menu either. After doing some research in the past, it turned out that wi-fi calling on Verizon branded phones supposedly doesn't work on the T-Mobile network because T-Mo has some special proprietary software that the Verizon branded phones lack.

On the other hand when DIGITS was first released to the public, I installed the app in my Verizon S7. and I did receive calls destined for my T-Mobile branded S6 I made some tests and verified that the S7 was actually making and receiving calls over wi-fi. But it seemed to be somehow because the DIGITS app was somehow enabling it to function.

Just thought I'd mention my experiences to shed a little more light on what you might be experiencing with a Verizon branded phone. Feel free to tag me if you ever are having other troubles with your Verizon branded phone. Maybe we can figure things out by comparing notes. For instance, I can't get updates ever since I received the phone. I will have address that issue some day.


omar1234 wrote:

Hi T-Mobile,

I'm not sure what's going on but it is as if the phone drops off the network but hasn't.

This might explain why suddenly I receive a bunch of notification all at the same time.

It would be great if

b) there is some way to see the connectivity status of my device on the network,

so I can identify when it has dropped off (and therefore become uncontactable).

Thank you.

Hi @omar1234

I downloaded the app "LTE Discovery" from The Google Play Store

It should be able to provide the function you are looking for.

It comes in real handy when I want to know which T-Mo band my "Verizon" phone is using at any given time (Almost always #4 ). It even has a little arrow that points to the tower that the phone is connected to.

It has provided me some assurance that my S7 works reasonably well even without access to some of the T-Mo bands.  The app gives us the option to refresh the radio connection to the tower with the push of a button. We don't have to turn the phone completely off and reboot, which is the normal way to perform that function. Just give the app permission to access your GPS, then tap the start button on the page with the "Discover" tab. Those actions will disconnect and reconnect you to the T-Mo network.

After you use the "Discover" tab and push the "Start" button, select the "Signals" tab. You will then see your LTE and GSM  signal strength graphs. My handset stays mostly on LTE band 4. Some times just walking a few feet away it switches to GSM for a few minutes and then back. You might enjoy learning what you can about your T-Mo connections and signal strengths while you drive around .town.

I will provide the link to the app in a second reply in case the link delays the reply from posting, while being under review for moderation to have the link approved..

Hope the app helps you.


lte discovery app - Android Apps on Google Play

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Hey, @omar1234!

@artart made an interesting suggestion that I wouldn't have thought of. Have you had a chance to try his recommendation out? We'd love an update on if this works for you.

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To refresh signal one only needs to tap airplane mode and then tap again.

Thanks. I have downloaded and installed the app. I'll keep an eye on it and hopefully next time it happens, it might show me what's going on.


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That sounds like a plan, @omar1234!

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Just checking in here to see how things are going? Did you find out anything while using that app?

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Hey there! Just wanted to check in again and see if you'd been able to get any answers by using the app that was recommended! 😊 Please let us know!

- Marissa

I've been a tmobile/voicesteam customer for 20+ years.  I used to have that issue with my iphone.  I don't think its a switching carrier issue.  after switching have you tried to reset the phone to factory and reloading or restoring from the cloud.  I haven't had that issue in a while.

I have the exact same issue. I also have a ATT Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I tried doing a factory reset. It did not help. I think its a compatibility issue. Sadly no one told me this before I made the switch to t-mobile.

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Sadly, when switching to any carrier their is never a guarantee that the device being brought over will full work due to so many different variables. I will say though for the OP that his note 5 is probably turning off its connection to the network when he connects to wifi. A lot of phones due this by nature to save on battery life since Wi-Fi Calling has become a standard feature across the big 4.  What I would suggest doing is taking advantage of digits as some others have mentioned or just buying a T-mobile branded device/ a factory unlocked device that supports the network entirely. Examples would include the Pixel 2, Galaxy S8 Active, and etc.

Same problem here going on for about 6 months I think. Happened on my unlocked nexus 6p and now on my Oneplus 5t.

Contact messaged me when it happened today and had a chance to troubleshoot:
I have VOLTE, Wifi calling Disabled and I was connected to WIFI when it occurred.

Opening phone app did not resolve issue. I had thought maybe phone app was falling asleep and not waking for call.

Disabling WiFi resolved the issue. Re-enabling WiFi did not reproduce the issue.

My selected APN is:

T-Mobile US Data

Proxy, Port, Username, Password, Server, Authentication Type = not set


MMS proxy, port = not set

MCC 310, MNC 260

APN Type: default,supl,hipri,mms

APN Protocol IPv6, Roaming: IPv4

Bearer unspecified

MVNO Type: none, MVNO Value: not set.

There are also 2 other non-selectable APN's there Called "T-mobile MMS EPDG" and "T-Mobile (IMS)".

I have no connection issues otherwise. If I start a call while I am having the issue, it takes an unusually long time to initiate call but will go through eventually.

My wife and my phones started to have our calls going straight to voicemail for about 4 weeks now. They used to work fine. We have our Blu Life One X for more than two years now. All the setups were done at a T-Mobile store. If we make a phone call using the phone app, our phone will be able to receive calls for a couple of hours. However, if our phones stay idle (neither making nor receiving any calls) for one or two hours, any incoming call would go straight to voicemail. Out of frustration, I switched from 4G LTE to 2G for both our phone, we are able to receive calls without any problem. I have test this 2G setting for four days using my other landline and the calls went through. This is obviously not a desirable solution. But, there is nothing I can do for now.

My phone used to have frequent delays on receiving messages. The time of delay can be up to a couple of hours. Since I have switched to 2G, the message delay problem goes away. The worst delay after switching was about one minute.

I have the same phone Blu Life One X2 and have the same issue. It used to work just fine and have noticed that over the past month or so, everyone calling me has told me their call went straight to voicemail without ringing. I wish T-Mobile would get to the bottom of this and "unchange" whatever it is they changed to cause this to occur. With wi-fi calling off, everything works fine; with wi-fi calling on, no-one can get through to me. This happens whether I'm at home or at work, so I don't believe it has anything to do with the wi-fi network.


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Hey, @jb01​!

I'm not exactly sure what has changed on our network within the past couple of months that would cause your calls to go straight to voicemail when connected to WiFi. Have you updated the software on your phone since then?