wifi calling intermittent/not working for the last day or so

  • 28 January 2018
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wifi calling has been intermittent for at least the last day or so.

the blue "wifi calling/ phone" icon still shows, there are no error notifications, but wifi calling is not working.

trying to place a call, just results in a single beep and then it disconnects.

if you cycle wifi calling off/on, then wifi calling works for about 1 minute or less, then drops again-- but the connected icon is still there.

there are no error messages

I have powercycled the phone, modem and router.

afaik I have no wifi issues with other devices

12572 zip  galaxy s3   android 4.1.2    t999uvdmd5



Best answer by dragon1562 28 January 2018, 18:56

It has something to do with your network and the phone. Try doing the simple trouble shooting steps like turning off your router and unplugging it for 40 seconds and then powering everything back on. Let us know if that is the fix. If not reset the network settings on your phone.

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12 replies

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You could perhaps reset the network settings in the phone main settings menu.

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It has something to do with your network and the phone. Try doing the simple trouble shooting steps like turning off your router and unplugging it for 40 seconds and then powering everything back on. Let us know if that is the fix. If not reset the network settings on your phone.

thanks for the replies

I have now tested it at my friend's house and it is the same, so that eliminates ISP, modem and router

to recap, it briefly works by cycling wifi calling on/off.  it seems unlikely it is the phone, which has not been changed in any way.

this reminds me of how this fairly recent Tmo wifi calling network fault also started for me, except that it did show an error code

Why has my Wifi calling suddenly stopped working ?


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well if it was something like that more people would be on the forum. Also I want to add that if the other persons house wifi was through the same ISP then it would still yield the same possibility but yo mentioned it was diffrent so I would try resetting the network settings on the device personally. That and try resetting up wifi calling from scratch and see what happens.

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Hey there, @magenta2721792​! It's super frustrating when something that was working just fine suddenly stops -- and WiFi calling is a huge asset to many of our customers, so I totally understand why you're reaching out for assistance.
I double checked, and the error referenced in the thread you linked to is still marked as resolved. At this time we don't have any notifications about any emerging or known issues with WiFi calling, either. I did also do a quick double check to make sure that your phone wasn't impacted by the @lester_33925 recommended are a great place to start. If deleting and adding back the WiFi network doesn't yield any results, then the next step I'd recommend would be testing the device out in Safe Mode to see if there's a third party app interfering with your WiFi calling somehow -- you can find those steps here: Safe mode: Samsung Galaxy S III​. Please let us know if either of those troubleshooting steps yield any results!

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Hey there!

Just wanted to check in again if anything above helped!


thanks all, for the replies/info

  • problem persists in safe mode
  • coincidentally, I have now installed a new router, and the problem persists
  • I have no issues with skype or whatsapp and am able to stream audio, daily, for 3+ hours with no connection/wifi drop
  • I have noticed that when on a wifi call, the call drops at about 15 minutes.  turn wifi calling off and back on and I can reconnect.
  • i received a text from TMo 2954 when the wifi calling was definitely not working, but can not receive texts otherwise when wifi calling is not working.

So in terms of troubleshooting, I have power cycled everything, changed router, ISP and location, checked in Safe Mode.  There are no other issues with VO Wifi services on this device,,,

It seems to me that this is a TMo network to phone network system issue, as I did get a Tmo text which I believe comes from within the Tmo network.

However, because the S3 android software/functionality is aging out, and no carrier updates are available, I have just bought a new Galaxy S7 [don't like the look of the S8 :-)] So when I get that set up, well see what happens with wifi calling.

I will follow up

thanks again

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Hey there! Just wanted to see how things are going with the S7!

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Congrats on the new phone and let us know if thats the fix.

thanks all for the follow up

The S7 is now provisioned, and as expected, wifi calling works just fine

As my other VOWiFi apps [skype/whatsapp] have no issues, I do suspect the S3 wifi calling is android 4.1.xx aging out after 5+ yrs. there are probably very few S3s using wifi calling now.

as a bonus, because of the newer frequencies the S7 can receive [vs S3] I also now get some 4G LTE service at the house.  So I can now call when the internet/power goes out :-)


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Glad to hear, enjoy the new phone. I'm sure it feels like you have a whole new network now so enjoy the additional speed and coverage.


I am having this problem with WiFi calling.  Lost my last call three times during a 40 minute conversation.  First call back gives a “disable airplane mode” message.  But I must have airplane mode on all the time because the cell tower signal in my house is 0-1 bar - if a call goes out or comes in over the cell tower, it will always fail within 5 minutes.  WiFi calling works better, but is not working well enough.  Often the WiFi calling goes off and does not come back on for 45-60 minutes.  I am a new customer with a new IPhone SE.  I have my tv, two pcs, and Comcast phone all using WiFi with no trouble at all.  I probably need something set up differently on my phone settings, but I have not been able to get through to tech support due to LONG …. hold times.  Please help.  Thanks, Will