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  • 14 September 2020
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The T Mobile Modem WiFi signal is weak not able to cover my home.  My ASUS router covered my whole house with another internet provider. Does anyone have a step by step procedure for setting up your own WiFi router and not using the T-Mobile WiFi ?

3 replies

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Are you using T-Mobile's modem/router?  You could setup your Asus router as an Access Point and connect it to the modem.  There are other ways as well, depending on who your ISP is and the modem in use. 

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You could try daisy chaining them to see if that helps.

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on the tmobile modem, turn off all wifi features (hope you know how to do this).


on your asus, do nothing. connect the asus the same way you used to with your other provider.


On the back of the tmobile modem, connect the ethernet wire straight on to the back of the asus.

 make sure you have it connected on the internet slot. usually yellow in color, in the back of the asus from the wire that is coming from the tmobile modem.


turn it on and it should work as it always used to. have your phones, laptops, etc connect to the asus one, if you didn't turn off the wifi on the tmobile modem, this will not hurt the asus since you wont be using the tmobile wifi side. but be best to turn it off for interference.