Worst Intro to Wireless Internet (/w caveat)

  • 23 June 2022
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I can't seem to recall ever being introduced to a service offering with such raw potential (the dl/ul efficacy is much better thani had presumed) only to be met with the worse execution (in terms of customer user experience) possible. I can't believe the router configuration leaves almost no ability for configuration but then to top things off, the interface and functionality is so splintered between the desktop browser UI and the mobile app GUI that I feel lost when attempting to validate changes using the alternate interface. For example, using the mobile app, I've changed the 5GHZ SSID but after checking the desktop browser UI, I see changes lost and even reverted to a past value. Including, at one point, my split networks reverting back to a single SSID. This is crazy. You can't offer the public this kind of product support with such a great raw service offering. Remember, Cyber-Security isn't just for corporations with deep pockets anymore. And, it's these kind of products which inevitably lead to customers getting hacked for no good reason -- especially after making a good faith effort to educate and execute in the area of home networking. Little incentive here to even apply WPA security honestly. At least not in concern of the hackers I've had the displeasure of contending with in the past. 

2 replies


I can't believe I forgot to mention... How can I not change the IP addressing pool? How can I not alter the subnet of any alternate guest wifi network I wish to create (given the fact the router does support creating multiple wifi SSID networks via the mobile [not desktop] app)?

All your team had to do was take ANY ROUTER OFF ANY RETAIL SHELF BEING SOLD IN THE PAST 5 YEARS to get a sense of baseline functionality required for this type of product to be usable in a practical context. This isn't rocket science but i guess you guys don't exactly hire scientists to do anything there... do you? 

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My promo price of $60 with my router for Cox ended. I went to a Cox store and was offered 2 years for $64 a month that included their router in the price.

My wife works at home a needs a dependable isp  which is why I didn't go try TMobile Internet which is why I opted to paying $15 more a month for a hard wired internet with consistent speeds.