"Xiaomi Mi Mix 3" & "Huawei Honor magic 2" 4G LTE Coverage in the United States?

  • 12 December 2018
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Will the "Xiaomi Mi Mix 3" & "Huawei Honor magic 2" receive 4G LTE Band 2, Band 4, Band 5, Band 12 Coverage in the United States?. I am thinking about getting this phone. Any thoughts suggestions or personal experience will help. Thank you.


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10 replies

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the best thing to do would be to check the manufacturer's website for the tech specs for each device you want to use on T-Mobile and make sure that each device supports all of T-Mobile bands.

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The Mi Mix 3 will work fine.  It doesn't support band 71, but it has pretty much every other T-Mobile band needed.  Just make sure you order one with the global ROM, because the Chinese ROM version limits the bands in use.  A Chinese ROM Mi Mix 3 can be flashed to the global ROM easily enough though.

The Huawei Honor Magic 2 only comes with very basic LTE support for the US and is geared towards use in China specifically.  There will not be a global version of the Magic 2 unfortunately.  The Magic 2 though has the superior set of cameras in my opinion though, especially because of the wide-angle rear camera.

I personally have looked at them  oth very indepthly and was let down by the lack of a globally focused radio for the Magic 2.  Xiaomi makes fantastic devices though.  I think you will be very happy with the Mi Mix 3. 

Honor Magic 2... decent speed hit 39 down and up before.

I'm using the mi mix 3 in Malaysia with a tmobile one plus plan. I'm here for two weeks. The only thing not working is SMS and I've checked all the settings for the access points. Not sure what else to do.

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Everything worked fine in the US though, right?  Roaming can bring a while new set of possibilities.  Have you tried verifying the APN settings of the carrier you are roaming on to and adding them to your device?  Just don't set the roaming APN as the default. 

Everything fine before the new phone. Tried my wife's sim, and another person's-all work fine. Just my sim can't send or receive any texts. Calling T-Mobile

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Hmmm.  Are the other SIM's you have tried newer?  Some older SIM's, like my previous SIM from 2013, don't have enough capacity to take more recemt SIM updates. 

Picked it up before the trip. Brand new. Was using the Huawei mate 20 pro

but it had issues on T-Mobile receiving calls consistently. Sometimes calls

would go to voicemail, sometimes ring. No rhyme or reason. So, was hoping

the xiaomi would be better. I've picked up the new sim to try to fix the

call issue.

I'm also using the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 on T-Mobile and have had the same issues with calls and text. Were you ever able to get your issue resolved?

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I can start testing with one of these around the end of next week.  The one I irdered thoughbis the Chinese model, because it doesn't come with the Google restrictions and I wanted 8GB of RAM.

The Chinese, EU, and Global devices are all the same hardware.  You can flash via fastboot or TWRP to any of the 3 official firmware as well as the 2 developer firmware.  This process is a little more involves than flashing a current Samsung device, but still not overly difficult. 

What devices and firmware are those devices running that are experiencing the issues with?  If your device is the Chinese firmware, the LTE bands you need are there, just not in use.  I can post the dialer code to access those, if needed?