You are not allowed to make calls at this time

  • 26 August 2018
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Same thing happened to me. I was on this forum by the time I got the call back. The rep was asking inane questions like whether I was in Airplane Mode….and having me repeat thinks like that receiving text and data was just fine. I actually have the “High Speed Data with paired Digits” plan. Calling and receiving calls failed on both devices sharing a paired line (iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy S21 Ultra). Finally, the 2nd tech suggested that I do a network reset instead of removing Netflix rebooting and restoring Netflix. It actually worked! I can once again call and receive calls on both devices sharing that line. 

Whenever I attempt to make a phone call to contacts or any random number I get a instant notification from T-Mobile saying that



You are not able to make calls at this time.  always allowed numbers can be reached .


What fresh heck is this?


Oddly enough I can call T-Mobile and the other line on my account works fine and I can text with no problem both on Wi-Fi and LTE so it seems Wi-Fi calling does nothing to help or hinder. Network settings have not changed.



The easiest fix I did after going to T-Mobile and calling 611 waiting hours for no solution is log on to T-Mobile account on your browser. Go to “family where”. Then click “family allowances” next Limit device access. Chose the phone number that is giving you this error then make sure there is no check marks for limits. What this is it’s a limit put on your device to restrict calls from going out or coming in. Hope this works