You are not allowed to make calls at this time

  • 26 August 2018
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Whenever I attempt to make a phone call to contacts or any random number I get a instant notification from T-Mobile saying that

You are not able to make calls at this time.  always allowed numbers can be reached .

What fresh heck is this?

Oddly enough I can call T-Mobile and the other line on my account works fine and I can text with no problem both on Wi-Fi and LTE so it seems Wi-Fi calling does nothing to help or hinder. Network settings have not changed.


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26 replies

Same thing happened to me. I was on this forum by the time I got the call back. The rep was asking inane questions like whether I was in Airplane Mode….and having me repeat thinks like that receiving text and data was just fine. I actually have the “High Speed Data with paired Digits” plan. Calling and receiving calls failed on both devices sharing a paired line (iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy S21 Ultra). Finally, the 2nd tech suggested that I do a network reset instead of removing Netflix rebooting and restoring Netflix. It actually worked! I can once again call and receive calls on both devices sharing that line.