1 year old Galaxy S6 stuck in "searching"

It wont connect to the t-mobile network.  I have tried

1) Boot in safemode

2)Clear partition cache

3)Various network search a connect funtions.

4) I have 3 t-mobile phones, so i swapped the sims

none of these did anything.

is there anything SHORT of a master reset I can try?


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Did your SIM card work in another of the phones?

Both sims work in my galaxy s7.  neither work in my galaxy s6

Just did a complete factory reset...same one point it did say "t-mobile" on the left, but no bars on the right.  wi-fi works but lte/3g/2g does not. 


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Did you change anything when this happened.

Maybe try doing a manual network selection or go into the dialer and type *#2263# And make sure all the bands are enabled.

nothing changed.  in fact I did a factory rest, so if i changed anything it should be overridden.  how do i verify all bands?

tmobile wants me to upgrade - This phone is 14 months old.  2 months past warranty and it will require another 18 month JOD for 24 a month.  wtf is that.  so you basically have to continuously pay for 700 dollar phone to be a t-mobile customer

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If you tried a master reset and sim works in another phone, it does pretty much indicate that your phone is sadly dying and has some sort of hardware failure. 

Sadly with the phone being over 1 year old and no covered under warranty, that would be the case is that you would need to upgrade.  This would be no diferent no mater which carrier you are with. The manufacturer warranty is 1 year from start of use and isn't covered past that point with no exceptions unless you have insurance.

The other thing you can do would be to reach out to Samsung directly to see what options they have for repairing the phone and that might be cheaper than purchasing a new device.

The band selection I owuld have checked if you haven't done the master reset. A reset would revert those all to be back on anyway.

In re-reading all this and messing around with the phone I did notice one thing - When I go into network operators, the phone will scan and find T-Mobile, At&T and Verizon networks.   If thats the case, then it shouldnt be a hardware issue correct...i mean at least not one with the antenna.  Right now its currently saying "Registering on T-Mobile....."  but its just spinning

reply below

now THIS is interesting.  I just selected verizon and it CONNECTED!!!  it says no service (obvs cause I dont have an account with verizon), however, it does show BARS!  WTF could this mean

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Hmm, that is kinda strange it would connect to Verizon. I'm curious, have you tested the service in any other location to see if it connects to T-Mobile? I'm wondering if it could just be a specific are that's giving you grief.

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Hey @vpallari‌!  Just checking in here to see how things are going.  Were you able to get that S6 connected?

- Marissa

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Hey there!  We just wanted to touch base with you again and see if there were any updates on your S6.  How is everything going for you?  Have you been able to solve this connection riddle?

- Marissa

T-Mobile got me a new phone.


So I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out why my s20 won't connect to the tmobile network. A couple nights ago I was talking to Samsung about a game appearing incorrectly on my screen and he had me do a reset all settings. After that was done my phone has been disconnected from tmobile network and I have tried literally everything under the sun except a factory reset to get my stupid phone working! My phone does everything perfectly fine except I can't send or receive texts or calls. That's literally all it won't do. My phone still can function without Wi-Fi which is weird. I've tried manually connecting to tmobile but it doesn't take, I have put my Sim card into another tmobile phone and it works just fine. Text call everything. So I'm wondering if I did a factory reset on my phone would that make my phone functional completely again or is it pointless? I am eligible for a temporary unlock. Would unlocking my phone help? I need help fast because I doordash for work and while I can dash just fine I need the ability to contact my customers. HELP!