5g gateway not working

  • 31 March 2022
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I just got a gateway from t-mobile, hoping to replace my existing wifi.  Everything it said to do took about 3 times as long as expected, and I had to reset the password because evidently tmobile set it up before they sent it.  But it’s finally up and going.  The connection quality says “Very good” and it says my phone is connected to the Wi-Fi gateway which is connected to the Internet.  Nothing connects, however.  Web sites say (after a long wait) that DNS is not available, or, depending on the browser “The request timed out”.  Other apps just blank out or say the Internet is not available.  I’m only typing here because I’m connected to my previous network on the laptop.  If I try to reach this site on the phone it times out.  Do I have a defective gateway?

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