Alcatel Go Flip feature phone: I've had this phone for only 2 days, and this phone is malfunctioning.

  • 2 December 2017
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I have a Samsung SGH-T139 flip phone. I wanted a better phone, but I did not want a smartphone.


I went to a T-Mobile store and bought an Alcatel Go Flip feature phone. I had a store employee transfer my T-Mobile Legacy Pay As You Go Plan from the SIM card in the SGH-T139 to the SIM card in the Alcatel phone.


On day 1 of my owning the Alcatel phone, the first time I called the Alcatel phone from my land phone, the Alcatel phone started ringing with that famous T-Mobile ring tone. When I terminated the call by pressing the "off" button on the land phone, the Alcatel phone kept ringing and ringing anyway. That was strange. The only way to stop the ringing was to turn the Alcatel phone off. When I turned the Alcatel phone back on again, the phone was not ringing.


I called the Alcatel phone from my land phone a few more times, and the Alcatel phone worked properly. So, I attributed the non-stop ringing from the initial call to a fluke.


On day 2, I went to a public library and successfully used that library's Wi-Fi to access the Internet on the Alcatel phone. So, the Alcatel phone seemed to be working just fine.


However, later on day 2, as I was adding contacts to the Alcatel phone, the Alcatel phone's screen went black. The phone seemed dead. I could not turn it on.


I decided to take the lid off the Alcatel phone, take out the battery, and put the battery back in. Taking the lid off the phone was VERY difficult. But once I took the lid off, I took the battery out and put the battery back in. Then I was able to turn the Alcatel phone back on.


So, is the Alcatel phone supposed to be this bad? Do Alcatel phones go to black often? Should I get a refund? Should I switch back to the Samsung SGH-T139?


Thanks for any info.

16 replies

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It is quite possible that you got a defective unit. You might try having the phone replaced within the return period for another new unit. If that replacement malfunctions you might have the option of completely returning it and returning to the phone that did work. Remember however you only have a couple weeks from the time of purchase to return the device so replacing it as soon as possible so that you can test it out is important.

The following statements are from someone's review of the Alcatel Go Flip phone:

Contacts app constantly freezes up on me. almost unusable. (Hundreds of contacts on phone) Luckily I don't have to call out to often and I got caller ID so it's not so bad.

This review appears on the website.

So, this reviewer's phone crashes when this reviewer uses the "contacts app", and my phone went to black when I was adding contacts. Perhaps the "contacts app" on the Alcatel phone is problematic.

Also, I checked the reviews of some low-end smartphones ($200-$300) on the website. The reviews of these devices are poor.

It seems that cheap phones are being made poorly on purpose, so that we will be forced to buy very expensive phones (such as the Iphone X).

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Ehhhhh. IDK. My LG Stylo 3+ was about $200 and it’s pretty darn good. My iP7+ is pretty decent for a $800 rig. So I’d say you can get a really good smartphone for $200.

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i have the Alcatel go flip phone and if i get a missed call... or if someone sends me a text message.... sometimes it's difficult finding these recent calls and messages in the history because they ar not placed sequentially... And my clock is always off by several hours so if someone actually called me at 1pm I would have to look for whomever called me at 7pm due to the wrong time. but at least It's easy for me to get the battery cover off 😊

it's a cheap phone.... but it actually have more bars in stores compared to my Samsung Note 3 getting no reception at all 😥. And im passed the point of (((no return))) so i'm stuck, and I won't get tricked into getting an iPhone X.... i'll keep my broke phone as long as i can, and when it breaks I'll purchase another cheap phone 😊

"but at least It's easy for me to get the battery cover off"

What is your secret to getting that cover off?

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Why use a phone that doesn’t work properly?  That’s like buying a car with no wheels.

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i have other phones, hotspots, tablets i use for other purposes, the alcatel go flip phone purchase was for calling purposes only. and i get good reception in remote areas where my other expensive phone do not. Most of the time i set the phone to 2G and that's basically my reason for picking this phone up. I don't even use its calculator app...i don't even text on it...  i did use it as a hotspot and the phone tend to get very hot.

But your reference  "That's like buying a car with no wheels" is exactlly true. If I only needed to get that car that you mentioned for its engine, why would I be concerned if it had wheels or not? 😉

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If you FLIP the Alcatel GoFlip phone over / you will see at the bottom left corner a very small groove big enough to stick a fingernail in to pry the battery cover off 😉

I don't know how to post a NEW TOPIC but if someone could please help I would apprecate it. Purchased alcatel go flip for a senior citizen who will only be using it to make phone calls and receove calls and very rarely. To keep it simple I want to remove the icons from the home screen such as radio, calculator, web, music etc etc... Would only like to leave the settings button and phone button on the home screen. I understand I cant uninstall the unwanted apps but is there an easy way to just move those un wanted apps off the home screen?

Thanks for time and response.. would also appreciate knowing how I can post a NEW topic question  since every time I hit "ask a question" on this site I am forced to search the question and only reply to an already posted question. Thank you

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To each his own but I find using one device that does all of the above a less cumbersome endeavor at less cost.

I'm familiar with the fingernail method, but that method can result in damage to my fingernail. 😊

I've had some success with inserting my library card into the groove, and then prying the groove open.

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@snn555  Believe me, i do understand your comment. Just some days I don't want to text, don't want to skype, don't want to look at youtube videos. I leave all my ipad tablets and iphones and note 3's and just tote the Flip Phone. Im sure as technology improves more and more people may want to step away from the glamour of having the fastest and greatest smart phone and settle for that simple phone. I just want a phone to answer and receive calls. I'm not a young guy - i'm not old I like to have a basic phone. I don't have the urge to stay connected to those social media apps. More features on a phone may be great for you, but I wan't just the opposite. I want less features.

I waste my money in other areas... I'm planning on buying another pinball machine so an iphone 8 doesn't grab my attention at all.

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@magenta3413856  I looked at my alcatel goflip phone and i could not seem to figure out how to remove the apps on the menu screen. If I do figure it out, I will notify you immediately 😊 .


Click on the above link.... scroll down to " Ask A Question" and click on the icon 😊 NEW TOPIC 😊

@magenta3037466 , I would agree with @snn555 on receiving a defective device. The issues you mentioned are not "known issues" identified by Alcatel but are also not normal behavior for the phone. To being the warranty exchange process, follow these steps: Exchange a device under warranty.

The only way to move icons on the Alcatel Flip phone is to "Favorite" them and that will put them at the top left of the screen.  The Favorite selection is on the lower right hand side of the screen, when you are on an icon.  Hope this helps.  You can favorite as many as you want.

I do not think you can delete icons, but you can move them with the Favorite selection.  The only way to move icons on the Alcatel Flip phone is to "Favorite" them and that will put them at the top left of the screen.  The Favorite selection is on the lower right hand side of the screen, when you are on an icon.  Hope this helps.  You can favorite as many as you want.