Bluetooth , 2015 Chevrolet Cruise

  • 27 June 2021
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Whenever I want to make a call using car control panel I am getting a message 'unable to make a call on your bluetooth phone’. Same effect with voice command .When I do a phone call from my handset it goes thru , everything is fine. Same way all incoming calls are carried by car Bluetooth device. Same procedure performed with my wife phone works excellent. I have Motorola One 5G Ace. My spouse's  phone is REVVL . I am guessing problem may be in phone settings. Anybody have an idea what is wrong ? Thanks for reading.

2 replies

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Have you tried repairing the device to the vehicle?  Are both devices on the same firmware?  Bluetooth with vehicles, especially older vehicles, gets more complicated the more time there is between the year the vehicle was released and the year the device was released.


Many times. Both phones have Android version 10 .