Cannot change Wifi Network Name on JEXtream RG2100 Hotspot


Just got a JEXtream RG2100 mobile hotspot. When leaving the T-mobile store I had it setup on my account, my phone connected to its wifi (default network name of RG2100 XXX) and life was good. When I got home, the network name had changed to something different (Weeznet). I connected to this new network name and tried to login to the admin configuration page (http://mobil.hotspot) but then received a 404 Not Found error as it was forwarding me to a webpage that does not appear to exist on the device.

I have since reset the device to the factory default, which changed the wifi name back to the default (RG2100 XXX) and was able to login to the admin page. However a few moments after doing so the wifi network changed its name again back to Weeznet!

Any ideas of what is going on and how to fix this? All I want is to have a wifi name that is not Weeznet.

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