Carrier compatibility

  • 15 September 2020
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I'm looking to upgrade my phone and was wondering if T-Mobile falls under any of these connection bandwidths????? Particularly 4G LTE


4 replies

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That doesn’t support much for T-Mobile and especially not any of the bands T-Mobile is moving to and using for the future.  Also, if the device doesn’t not support T-Mobile’s implementation of VoLTE, then it will not work on the network at all as of the near future.  

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Band 2 GSM

Band 2 & 4 WCDMA

LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 25, 66 & 41.

Lacking band 71.

VoLTE implementation uncertain.

Might work. If someone gave me one I’d give it a go to see. No guarantee with BYODs. You might get a bigger experience base on Reddit’s T-Mobile or Ulefone forums.



I found a newer model of phone from Ulefone that supports the 71 band and 68. Better specs then the one I listed.

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That’s fine but for all BYODs, compatibility is between you and the phone manufacturer. T-Mobile offers only very limited support for use of BYODs. Two issues that have come up recently with BYODs is that they often have problems roaming on US Cellular or connecting to Sprint’s LTE signal. The latter is a temporary problem, the former might be serious in some locations.