Continued troubles with Inseego M2000 hotspot

  • 7 February 2021
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So I have the Inseego M2000 hotspot with the 100 GB plan for use on a rural property. Fortunately it connects to a 5G tower here and generally speaking when it works I get good transfer speeds (30-50 Mbps down and 3-10 Mbps up).

There is some sort of insidious problem with this device that I can’t pin down though. Most of my devices work just fine - iPhones, Apple TV, Ring floodlight camera, Macbook, etc. However, there are a few consumer devices that simply will not set up on this network - as if something on this device is blocking or resetting the connection. Namely, I’ve had trouble with Ring stick-up cameras, a Yale/August connect remote lock, and a Sensi wireless thermostat. All exhibit a similar problem which is that they’ll connect to the WiFi just fine but can’t complete setup due to a generic internet connectivity issue.

However, I can get all of these devices to work just fine if i use my iPhone as a hotspot, which is also a T-Mobile-connected device (4G LTE). I’ve tried all manner of configurations but can’t pin down any cause for this intermittent issue preventing certain devices from reaching the Internet.

I wanted to document this here in case anyone else has run into this or does run into it in the future. Still don’t know what the solution is but I’ll keep hacking on it. Any advice is welcome, as well as info from anyone experiencing the same problems.

53 replies

I had the same issue.  Renaming the APN to as described above resolved all my problems.  I left it set at IPV6v4 because my Nest Smoke Alarm won’t connect on IPV4.  This change got my Ring Spotlight Cam and my Nest Protect working again.

Finally found the fix that will still allow you to utilize the 5G network and it’s pissing me off that T-Mobile plays dumb about it.


  • I had to manually add the APN and make the “f” in caps below which resolved the issue. Also change PDP to IPV4.




Following the latest FW/SW update, the "Fast.t-mobile” trick has stopped working for me. Can anyone else confirm?

I cannot get a signal/connection with my Inseego m2000 but I get a signal on my phone just fine. What can I do?