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  • 23 September 2022
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I have a ZTE Z64 Hotspot that I have used for years; and in shortest form I am looking for the default WPS Pin, 

back in July I ran out of Data, and purchased a 30 Data Pass to tide me over till my monthly renewal. And it has not worked since. That Data was somehow not highspeed data so it was incompatible with the device, and I got no use from that pass, 

That would be no problem except that,  while the 30Days have expired the device still will not log into the T-mobile network. I have full bars, and Solid Arrows; and a no service message. I have made at least 3 trouble calls to no good effect. I have been repeatedly reassured that there is no block on the device/Account, despite the appearance there certainly is. 

I have rolled the device back to factory reset. And the default WPA-PSK password, to no good effect; but I have not been able to find the WPS pin anywhere on the web and wonder if that is the problem. The other Oddity I see is that the device is not updating time off the web, and I cannot reset it by hand as the drop down only goes up to 2020. This device is very important to me away from home, and I would deeply appreciate any help. 

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