Do we need to return T-Mobile Cellspot Router?

  • 27 October 2021
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Good Morning T-Mobile, 

Many years ago, we received a T-Mobile Cellspot Router, and we used it for several years. A couple of years ago, we purchased a newer router to improve the signal throughout the house, and the router was disconnected and put away.  I just found it a couple of days ago when going through a closet.  We have had it probably since like 2014-2015.  We just wanted to see do you all still want these devices back?  Are they still supported in anyway?


If not, is there a way to just purchase the one we have, and keep it?  It’s a rebranded Asus router, and from my understanding, it’s possible to flash the Asus firmware on to it, and since our other router in the house is an Asus router, from my understanding, this one can be used as a mesh router with the Asus Firmware.  I just wanted to reach out before trying to flash it, in case that would cause issues if it needs to be returned, still.


Thank you very much in advance.  

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