Don't Buy Samsung Watches If You Swim

  • 22 May 2024
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I had to return my Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro under warranty. Had problems loading music, problems resetting and rebooting. Mistaken emergency calls. All in the first 30 days. Over 5 hours troubleshooting with Samsung and Tmobile. First Samsung question was “did you drop watch or swim with it”? No I didn’t drop and yes I swam. Curious question about swimming as watch is sold as a competitor to adventure watches like Garmin’s top watches. Samsung tried to get me to trade in on a Galaxy 6 and offered $200 for my brand new Watch 5 Pro. Go figure. I will no longer buy Samsung products and my ecosystem includes 3 TVs, 1 soundbar system, 2 Samsung Galaxy 24 Ultras, a Samsung 7 + Tablet, etc. No more. Why sell me a watch that is not “rugged”. Why not force the buyer to absolutely use “water lock” if swimming. And also write your manuals including the quick startup manual with the phrasing “absolutely turn on water lock if you go swimming or we’ll void your watch warranty”. No more Samsung when these products die!

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