Dumb Phones: only calls and texts, please!

  • 18 September 2018
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I need a T-Mobile compatible phone that can only text and call: no wifi capability.

13 replies

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TMobile has 1 flip phone by Alcatel I believe.

Alcatel GO FLIP™️ | Cell Phones at T-Mobile

as far as other compatible phones bought elsewhere you kind of take your chances with that as they are not as interoperable as some smartphones are with a multitude of bands and frequencies compatible with T-Mobile.

Yes: we purchased the Alcatel phone for my son.  He can still access wifi and we do not want him to be able to.  Spoke to T-Mobile support today and they indicated that any GSM compatible phone should work, but my research is showing that the ones that only text and call operate on 2G.  I'm not sure how much longer T-Mobile can service 2G phones.  I was hoping someone on here could tell me if they've had good luck with any other phones for this purpose.

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Unfortunately it looks like you may have to just take a risk and find a phone that doesn't have Wi-Fi on it and hope that it works with T-Mobile because 2G will go away eventually most likely in the next couple years or less. it seems that in today's age most everything comes with some sort of Wi-Fi capability and that is not something that you can use your account features to block.  in fact I'd be willing to bet that given the age of this particular flip phone that T-Mobile carries that they don't plan on carrying anymore anytime soon and if they do they may carry one and I'm sure it will have Wi-Fi capabilities and be LTE only.

However you could search for vintage T-Mobile flip phones or other vintage models that would work with T-Mobile. However do know that the technology is dated and battery power and lack of available accessories such as the battery itself are something to think about.

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I don’t think you ever explained why you don’t want your son from accessing WiFi. It actually becomes very difficult for forum members to provide adequate solutions when we do not have the full story.

Just speculating..... but are you trying to prevent your son from accessing WiFi to somehow deter him from browsing questionable sites online? If that is the case, i would recommend a smart phone (not a dumb phone). I hate promoting phones, because I’m not getting paid to do so.....

#1. Buy an iPhone

#2. Go into your general settings and  set restrictions on the web browser (your son will be unable to access the interent via the safari app) You can totally remove the web browsing safari app from view.

#3. in general settings....also restrict his use of the appstore so he will be unable to download other apps that will aid him in his quest for teenage enlightenment 😉.

if you have an iphone already (go straight to #2).

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to add on to the above a smartphone can actually be cheaper than a flip phone and there's more choice and reliability. Also you can disable some settings within a smartphone where a dumb phone you may or may not be able to as well as Wi-Fi on a dumb phone doesn't really give you much option or ability to Surf anything questionable.  Those phones capabilities are very limited.  obviously at home your Wi-Fi password can be changed and not giving out all of this does not stop use elsewhere. Also consider that a lot of GPS and emergency information also uses triangulation from Towers GPS and Wi-Fi for better location.

With CES in full swing are there any New 'Dumb Phones' that support the new bands?

Last summer I was told to wait for CES.  I need a voice only phone with Large 'buttons' , reasonable display for Caller ID  no Texting to augment my S8 Active.

My current LG does not play well on T-Mobile anymore (I have been told this is due to T-Mobile phasing out 2G)

S8 Active is great but not for one handed phone operation in remote areas.

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I saw no dumb phones mentioned for release. There's a market for them, but not big enough to spend the money manufacturing them for no profit .

Things have changed since this question was posted. Time for a new answer.

For example, the LG 450 that I originally used with my T-Mobile account is now only available in a refurbished version (for three times the original price) or as a rare commodity (at six times the original price).

I see a new product on with the following description: "Alcatel QUICKFLIP 4044C | 4G LTE | HD Voice FlipPhone | - GSM Unlocked".

The product description advises us to check with T-Mobile to verify that the network frequencies that are supported by the device will allow it to work with T-Mobile. The description lists those network frequencies as follows: "What network frequencies are supported by this device: (GSM): 850, 900, 1800, 1900, 2100, UMTS: B2/4/5. 4G LTE: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 12, (MFBI)."

So the question needs to be re-answered, please.

Here's my updated answer to this question:

My new phone, an "Alcatel QUICKFLIP 4044C | 4G LTE | HD Voice FlipPhone | - GSM Unlocked", works well with my T-Mobile pay-as-you-go plan in the Saint Paul/Minneapolis area of Minnesota. It replaced my old phone, an LG 450, that finally reached the end of its service life.

In order to keep using my old, large, SIM card, I had to get out my sharpest scissors and trim it down to the size of a nano SIM card; following simple instructions on the web, and using an old nano SIM card as a template.

I didn't expect the phone to have WiFi, but it does, so I turned the WiFi off because I don't want to do web browsing, etc. on it.

Now that I think of it, my new QuickFlip phone is probably similar to the locked Alcatel Go Flip 3 phone that's available from T-Mobile, but the QuickFlip phone has less memory (1 GB), is less expensive, and didn't require me to make a trip to the local T-Mobile store (as I probably would have, to get a new, nano SIM card).

I sprung for the Alcatel Go Flip 3 last week.

I used the  SIM from my LG. Unfortunately only got ~ 1/2 of my contacts.

I am trying to figure out where the others are stored on my LG. (I was unable to browse to the files over USB.)

Am I missing something?

I figured this out.

- paired phones via bluetooth

- pushed contacts from the s8 to the Alcatel Flip 3

This resulted in a vcf file in the Alcatel file system.

- Browsed to the vcf file on the Alcatel.

- Clicked on the file, recvd prompt to import contacts.

Much easier\secure than going thru Google or Outlook.

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Everybody fussing about flip phones needs to realize that nobody uses these things unless they're trying to live off of the grid. If all you're doing is taking phone calls well I mean let's be honest you're not paying much less than the cost of a basic smartphone. You're still going to pay the same amount every month. I mean you might as well get a burner phone for that.

Silly judgmental myopic person.

Each tool has its purpose.

There is a place for my S10 and a place for my flip phone.