Few Contacts after Factory Restore

  • 3 February 2018
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Phone camera quit working so I was advised to perform Factory Reset, and Samsung restored most of my icons and functionality, including camera. However, my Contacts did not restore from employer's Outlook Exchange Server.
Please advise.


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Oh man, vanishing contacts is no bueno. I do hope the reset resolved the issue but I'd like you to get your contacts back as well. Do you see the contacts on outlook using something like a computer? When you setup the device after the reset, did you log into your outlook account? It should sync automatically but sometimes you'll need to manually sync it up. Please let us know if you still need help and which Samsung you're using exactly and we'll figure this out. Thanks!

Thanks for responding. I can see contacts in Outlook, but not in the Contacts tab in Phone.

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Okay. Thanks for checking. Are you already signed into your Outlook on your phone? If so, you may wanna try removing the account and adding it back in to see if that gives you better luck.

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Were the contacts backed up to your gmail? This is another way to pull the contacts into your device if Outlook is being werid.

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Just checking in here to see how things are going. Were you able to get your Outlook contacts synced to your phone?

Talked to employer's help desk. Steps to correct issue:

1. On phone, click on Outlook symbol

2. From Inbox, click on 3-horizontal line symbol, located on the top left

3. Click on the gear symbol to navigate to the Settings page

4. Click on user's email address associated with Office 365 to navigate to the "Account info" page

5. On the line "Sync contact", ensure that the toggle switch is positioned to "on". You will see contacts from Outlook populate the phone Contacts tab.