Franklin T9 Test Drive won't connect to LTE

  • 1 January 2021
  • 2 replies


I received a Franklin T9 Test Drive kit yesterday.  Upon powering it up, it proceed to a message saying “WELCOME”, then almost connects to LTE, and reboots, over and over.  If the sim card is not inserted, the T9 seems to function normally, with access to web admin.  Tried resets, changing APN, removing sim card, etc.  I’d really like to get this to work!



2 replies

seems like you may have an issue with “so much traffic with the tower your mobile hotspot is connecting to”.


i just waited for 1 hour on hold for a specialist to be told that my 100gb/$50 a month package will not work with high speeds because there is so much traffic with the tower its connecting with.


so then i asked, “why sell me a product that wasnt going to work/”


to which he replied, “we are currently working on improving our towers in your area.”