Galaxy 3 Duplicate, DUPLICATE MESSAGES!!

  • 16 November 2020
  • 3 replies


Ok so I know this was a big deal Two years ago but it is a big HEADACHE for me right now. Everytime I disconnect from my phone my Galaxy 3 gets every SINGLE MESSAGE that I have ever gotten since the phone and watch was last apart. I can't even enjoy the LTE mode cause the watch spends the time that I'm apart from my phone DOWNLOADING OLD MESSAGES! I know I'm not the only one, did anybody have an answer PLEASE! 

3 replies

Following.. Just got through reading the entire other thread.. Nothing useful..

Have the same problem! Just bought the watch from Samsung along with a new S21+. Duplicate messages for hours! If I am connected via Bluetooth, everything works great. But as soon as I connect the watch to LTE, I receive every single message all over again (even if the watch already shows it in messages). Why can't these just sync up? If the message is already on the watch (received while connected to phone via bluetooth or wifi)  why does it need to come through a second time once the watch connects to LTE? This is a problem with T-Mobile as it seems to only be a problem for T-Mobile users. 


Apparently this has been a problem for years and still hasn't been resolved!! Fix it T-Mobile! This is a deal breaker for me and the 10 other people I have on my account. I'm sure it's a problem with thousands of your users. Please do something to resolve this. 

Call your team of experts and make sure they have your EID number paired. This is a very long number and is used instead of an actual sim since the galaxy watch uses an esim. I have found that when pairing my galaxy watch we had paired using an actual sim card and it never paired correctly soi encountered the same issue until we changed the sim# to the EID   This should solve the issue. Hope this helps.