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  • 10 September 2021
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Just went from Android 6.1 phone to Android 11 phone. Also changed brands of phones and carrier. My current issue is sending email to a group. the group has been established for years in my Google contacts. The groups have been taken out of the regular contact tab and are now nicely hidden where they are very hard to find, BUT I FOUND ‘EM. But there is no option to send them an Email. T/he only options I see are Delete the group (I don’t want to) and Add a member (Don’t need to  right now.) 

I read a post somewhere else on line that I now need to use a Google Label to email to a Google Group. Creating the label from a group is a manual process,  which seem DUMB (Did Google hire a bunch of Microsoft programmers or something?

Any body got any help?

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