harassed prior to tmobile and sprint merger

  • 18 September 2021
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I had boost mobile a subsidiary at the time of sprint before sprint and T-Mobile merged. I was at a friends house and saw a girl named Monique William who works at a Amazon warehouse. I asked her for her number she programmed a number into my phone and when it saved number disappeared phone rebooted and my boot menu was gone. Then I believe a girl named apollonia kidd added my imei from my phone into every single call center / telecommunications company they could. This caused my phone to have a call on it then another like hit my phone but be on top of it. It seemed like an illegal wiretapping.

Before this about a year or two earlier she threatened my children and said she knew how to make someone go homeless. But that she became schizophrenic at age 22 or so and she thinks someone is messing with her. I filed a complaint with fbi and others.

This all revolves around a custody case between myself and my ex wife.

Since then I've learned a lot about my local police department using a high decibel sound machine for crowd control, some sort of remote tms / barometric pressure checker and then combined with the issue this caused with T-Mobile. It facilitated human trafficking of my oldest and myself and concealment of both of them. 

I'm asking if anyone else has been turned into a "nuisance " by your county or city by an angry ex girlfriend or over custody?

After looking at my past I realized I know 4-6 people this has happened to.

It's a serious crime being covered up and violates human trafficking laws of 2000.

I'm wondering if a call center union or something else governing these issues could be more effective to fight domestic violence and harassment. Part of the terms and conditions for service says to work out grievances and against policy to use illegally or harass someone.

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