Home Internet LTE WiFi Gateway Upgrade?

  • 12 May 2020
  • 3 replies

i just noticed on my account page that there is an upgrade for the gateway device.

when i click on it, it just shows me a map of stores.


my current device says the hardware is REV.5

and firmware 93353.


is there really a new device available and if so,

how do i get one?


thanks for any help on this...

3 replies

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I'm not showing any new devices available and this is something you sign up for online, so I'm not sure why it would show a map of stores. I'd recommend giving us a call so one of our Experts can look into it.

Web page is incorrect; there is no upgrade for Home Internet Gateway!

I have confirmed this with excellent folks at Home Internet tech support.

A new device is in the works but no specifics on when and how it will be upgraded.

I also have this message on my account, saying that I should find a store for an upgrade and taking me to the map. I called the store and they said they weren’t aware of any new devices… Any idea what’s going on here? If there’s an upgrade available, I’d like to get it.